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paul MF
8th December 2010, 19:48
Hi one and all,

I know the forum is new so there might not be any carers here yet? I am sitting down at the end of my day. It is about this time every day I find i always have some time for myself and relax. Does anyone else have any times of the day that tend to be for themselves or do you find each day is different?


9th December 2010, 20:57
hi i am a carer for my partner and i am the same usually i start to relax after 7 once the kids are in bed, my time to unwind and catch up on my programmes!

paul MF
9th December 2010, 21:03
Hi jod & mik... which one are you by the way? jod or mik :D

lately i have been so exhausted that as soon as i get time to myself i am out like a light. touch wood things have been going as well as they can lately so i have had time to reconnect with some of my old hobbies. how long have you been a carer?


9th December 2010, 22:06
i have been miks carer since march but in the past few months ive started doing alot more things for him as at the moment its affected his arms so cooking and showering he struggles with n i help him get ready we just take each day as it comes

20th January 2011, 14:00
Hi all, i have given up work to become a full time carer as i couldnt do 2 jobs anymore, i dont seem to get any time to myself, i never get any restpite as my wont have anyone else come in to help him, even when he goes to bed in the evening i am up and down the stairs. Its a hard time for us all.

Robyn Copley-Hirst
20th January 2011, 14:37
Hi Teresaemms,

I just thought I'd make a few comments to you personally in this thread. I saw what you said above and I think you're doing a great job, and sacrificing so much to care for someone.

I see you're caring for your Son from your other posts?

One thing I would say is that it is important for yourself to take some time out...and if you ever feel like you are tired, or reaching a stage where you need the situation to change to allow you some time off it might be an idea to get someone outside to talk about these things with you both. Can I ask what area you are in?

Even if it was getting a family member or friend in for as little as an hour, just to sit with them, to allow you an hour off and maybe start thinking about increasing the amount from there.

I think you're doing a fantastic thing, but in order to keep on doing it you have to give yourself time off and keep yourself healthy too.

There are some carers already on the forum who can give you some great advice and experiences, but if you ever want to know how we could help with your situation specifically, in whatever ways we are able, give Connect a call on 08457 626262.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation with someone being unwilling to accept outside help?


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