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14th December 2011, 11:56
Now you guys out there,this a very good form of non invasive catheterisation.Has everyone heard of it and do any othetr males use it?.I have not seen any mention of it on this forum.
best wishes

14th December 2011, 12:09
Hi Paul, I have never had any experience with these but somebody asked a similar question on another forum and a link was mentioned to youtube for a demonstration of fitting a convene, maybe it is worth a look on youtube.
Regards Mark

14th December 2011, 13:58
Hi Mik here,
I use convenes as I struggle with zips and buttons, they are a revelation. I have been using them for months now and have got a bit of independance back. They are a bit strange at first but you soon get used to it. I wish I hadn't put it of for as long as I did. Hope this helps

21st December 2011, 20:07
my husband John has been using them for years now and life is a lot easier than trying to find somewhere to go in a hurry it made a difference to himself as well as me we can go out without fear of accidents when weve not ben able to get to a loo or get the trousers down or the urine bottle in place in time.We go out and about all the time and it gives him a bit of dignity and he feels more confident knowing hes not to think about toilting issues

26th December 2011, 22:00
Hi Guys, the thing is called CONVEEN. It will come up on a Google search

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