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21st December 2011, 01:38
Hi all
my mum has cold hands sitting in the wheelchair- her hands are now very thin and go at an angle. she cannot get her fingers into gloves or mittens.

does anyone have any ideas for keeping her hands warm?

i am thinking of asking a neighbour to knit some large fingerless mittens with a big thumbhole?

i know there are handwarmers on the market- has anyone used them (things that you put in the micro?)- concern is that as mum is very sensitive to temperature this may not be too good an option

any thoughts

21st December 2011, 10:36
Hi Luce,
My wife was given a knitted scarf which has knitted pockets to put your hands in which seems to keep her hands warm. I think it came from BHs or some similar outlet on the high street. Don't need to worry about fingers and it has a large opening to slip the hands into .This does the job.


21st December 2011, 12:59
Hi Luce,

My Mum has some mittens wrapped up and waiting for her under the Christmas Tree. This is for when she is out and about. I really struggled to get some this year as the 'in' design seems to be fingerless gloves with attachments that can turn them into mittens but are still very restrictive. I wanted proper mittens as tried to put gloves on Mum a couple of weeks ago and it took me ages to get her fingers in as they are at angles too. John's scarf suggestion seems a good one.

When I was out shopping there were some kind of muff things that your Mum could just tuck her lands inside on her lap. That might work ok. they were just in highstreet shops.

I think the good thing about the handwarmers is even though your Mum is very sensitive she could put her hands on and off until she is comfortable. You could always put a cover of some sort over them so it is not so direct.

It is interesting that your Mum is senstive to temperature as my Mum has developed this. I thought it was just one of those things. The shower has to be on quite luke warm otherwise as she finds it too hot very quickly. Also a body spray Mum used to use she now finds torture as it is a cold spray.

Good luck with this.


21st December 2011, 19:51
When I was out shopping there were some kind of muff things that your Mum could just tuck her lands inside on her lap.

love the idea of warming my hands on a muff...... ;-), sadly I'll have to put up with my oversized golfing mittens. Still tricky getting thumb in but plenty of room inside.

21st December 2011, 20:30
Lol only you Adie would get away with that made Mick and I chuckle,Thanks for that missed your humor on here xx Ang

21st December 2011, 22:32
cheers ang, hope u n mick are doing ok.
You must watch the below, I saw it when it was on tv on Bargain Hunt, nearly wet myself!!!!


22nd December 2011, 01:47
Thanks all
will have another look down town. Today I plonked a cosy scarf on mum's hands so she was warmer. she has resisted having a blanket as doesn't like the idea of it. however a friend is crocheting her a small black blanket so that it can blend in with her clothes.

I noticed that all the gloves are the fingerless ones that you can fold over a flap to turn them into full gloves. will check out BHS for a scarf with pockets for hands or hand warmers-ta

Yeah about the temperature- my mum has the shower on warm. It is interesting as the closomat toilet often washes on cold- have to hang around for the drying mechanism to warm up!

my mum often feels cold although i feel i could pass out with the heating on that high! i wonder if that is something many people with MND feel? I remember in the early stages, before diagnosis she was really cold and her boiler had broken and it really seemed to affect her badly

all the best everyone. just so happy that it is not a white christmas so that going out is safe in the wheelchair and it isn't too cold down south

22nd December 2011, 09:17
I realised as soon as I had clicked to reply that I had set myself up on that one....Good callG60dubber! Hehe.

have a good Christmas


22nd December 2011, 11:59
maybe try one of these?

not really for me but the ladies might suit it better.

ps, be careful if you google muff when looking for these, would recommend 'hand muff' in search engine ;-)

22nd December 2011, 12:21
I bought a pair of oversized golfing mittens(they are designed to go over golfing gloves)and these are fairly easy to put on, and they were qute reasonably priced from Aldi.
Regards Mark

22nd December 2011, 18:13
OMG hilarious, just what the doctor ordered, Have a great Christmas with your little girl and lovely wife Adie,best wishes xxx Ang n Mick

22nd December 2011, 20:45
Try these winter golf mittens, they are very easy to get on.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Masters-Winter-golf-mittens-walking-fishing-NEW-BLACK-/110795138885?pt=UK_SportsLeisure_Golf_GolfClothing _JN&hash=item19cbe7a745

cheers Barry

22nd December 2011, 22:54
I just googled scarf with pockets and loads came up. You might find a suitable one for your mum on there. If you are looking for a coat substitute we bought Irene a cape which could be undone at the sides so it could be put on with the minimum of pushing and pulling. That came from John Lewis' sale last year and has had much use and certainly keeps Irene warm.


30th December 2011, 03:29
thanks everyone for the tips, certainly a few to try out- will certainly include the word "hand" in the search!

a friend knitted mum some kind of arm/ hand sleeve which seems very good but will show mum the links and have another shop around.
all the best

5th January 2012, 09:59
Anyone tried the fingerless gloves with the grips on the palm side? I have to put them on for Mic but he finds that they improve his holding onto things that would sometimes slip through his fingers (like the all important pint of Tetley bitter). One of his pub mates got them (probably from where he works) I think I will have to look on Amazon or EBay to replace as they are getting a bit tatty!
Update - actually found these in Poundworld for the princely sum of 1 per pair (surprisingly enough) result, now he can go to the pub and look like somebody owns him!

10th January 2012, 01:15
Hi all
thanks for replies
my neigbour knitted mum a couple of pairs of gloves with no fingers- they are brill. the second pair she made longer for mum, will get a photo taken of them and if people are interested i can get the pattern put up.
however if someone wanted some and can't get anyone to knit it i am sure she would be willing.

she also did a nice crochet black blanket to go on mums lap when in the wheelchair. not too big so it doesn't get stuck in the wheels, the crochet is handy as it allows mum to try and hold it using the holes, the colour blended in with trousers as mum didn't want an obvious blanket on her legs.


Crazy girl
11th January 2012, 10:47
Hi Luce,

I love this forum! If you have a problem someone has more than likely thought of a solution! I'm struggling to put my husbands gloves on and any kind of mittens are normally in 'girly' colours!

Reading this I remembered that his mum knits so I would love to have the pattern from you if possible?

Thanks so much

11th January 2012, 21:45
Hi Tracy

I will get the pattern off my neighbour and scan it on


take care

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