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21st December 2011, 20:19
Today we went to our local Tesco to finish off a bit of christmas shopping.John turned in his chair to look at something on a shelf,a women said to her able bodied husband are you going to stand there are you not coming down here,his reply how the hell can I with that thing stuck in front off me pointing to John in his chair.Im not a violent person in fact Im quite a quiet person........Today this worm turned,I saw red I was furious I told this man my husband as every right to stop and look at items on a shelf and that he had legs that worked and therefore could go round him.John heard all this and then followed this guy and gave him a right ear bashing.I was quite proud of him because all this was done with the help of his lightwriter the man apologised and was quite embarrassed by his behaviour especially cos a crowd had appeared and was listening to all this.Its not the first time we have had to deal with this.Only this summer a woman in our town walked up to John and told him people like him shouldnt be in town they should stay in their own homes.......Today I have just about enough of ignorant people there is no need to be nasty John is still a human being with feelings and today has left me upset and deflated.Havent we all more than enough to cope with without these nasty people

22nd December 2011, 00:52
outrageous the discriminatory and ignorant attitudes of some people. have you thought about going onto your city council web page and reporting discriminatory behaviour towards a disabled person- i think most city councils like to have it reported so that they can get a picture of what is going on and consider what they need to do to try improve things in their area.

i think lightwriters are amazing and empowering, good on your husband
keep your chin up and don't stop going out

22nd December 2011, 08:21
It is so sad how nasty some people can be. Been out and about with Mum in a wheel chair has certainly been an eye opener for me about how other people react somtimes at the most basic level of just staring.

Good on you Irene and John for standing up to them. Hopefully they will listen and behave differently in future. It is just a shame it happened in the first place.

22nd December 2011, 10:51
Credit to you n john for giving him some grief, it's beyond comprehension for people to be like that. I've only experienced the opposite of people being too 'nice n considerate', ie they're 15yds away when they see you and apologise n move miles out of the way for you.. It's sweet and probably a natural reaction but find it a bit funny.

The other thing that really gets my hackles up is when (usually a shop asst) talks to your other half (or carer) when it was you in the chair that asked something. Just want to slap them...... then remember I can't lift my arms lol.

22nd December 2011, 11:47
In our local Tesco its the staff that get in the way and ignore you, and their abandoned trollies grrrrrrrrrrrr.

22nd December 2011, 17:16
Well done John and Irene, who do these people think they are ? So sorry you had to endure it at all xx Ang

23rd December 2011, 13:10
Dear Irene and John - I really felt for you both when I read your post - you were so right to respond! I completely understand how you felt deflated and upset afterwards, but I hope you can also feel a bit proud that you stood up to these people and shamed them. Well done!! x

23rd December 2011, 19:40
Thanks for all your replies We do feel proud that we were able to stick up for ourselves John was like his old self all fired up and strong It made me proud to be beside him I hope everyone can do the same when faced with this kind of ignorant person......John and I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year keep fighting this damn disease xxx

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