View Full Version : Happy Christmas!

Robyn Copley-Hirst
25th December 2011, 09:32
Morning everyone,

Whatever you're all doing or celebrating on your day off today I hope everyone has a really great day.


25th December 2011, 12:52
Thank you Robyn I can only echo your kind words


26th December 2011, 20:41
Merry Christmas and I hope everyone is having a fantastic boxing day.


26th December 2011, 21:27
Thank you Robyn. This Christmas has been extra important as it was a goal reached on my journey with MND and also I was brought home from Papworth hospital on Christmas eve, after a bout of pneumonia. Next goal is my birthday in March, when I will be 77.

Robyn Copley-Hirst
28th December 2011, 10:36
Hi Clive,

I'm really glad you met one of your goals... and were out of hospital for Christmas. Good lukc on reaching all of your other goals and we'll all look forward to hearing from you into 2012.


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