View Full Version : good news! my company is holding a celebration evening for MNDA

12th January 2011, 17:35
i just had a call from a publicity offier from my company, saying they are going to host a evening dinner/dance at the webbington county club, and all proceeds will be going to the MNDA.

my station director said in his dictate to him, that this is especially important as it effects one of our family members.

i have put him in contact with the SW region mnda person to see if we can get to official representation to attend.

i have been invited to go too, but that might be a bit odd considering......

so thats pretty good new really - i think so anyway.

i will post here what is raised..


12th January 2011, 20:27
That is fantastic news! congrautulations!

12th January 2011, 20:52
That's great news John. Whether you decide to go or not, please let us know how it goes. :)

12th January 2011, 21:13
will do - i think i will go, my wifes always keen for a boose up:o


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