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1st January 2012, 13:52
Here's wishing everyone the best possible 2012.

1st January 2012, 15:22
Same to you Miranda.

1st January 2012, 15:46
49 today not sure if I like it lol
Happy New Year
always dread it as I was born at 00.01 so always a year older and big 50 next year mmmmmmmmm xx Ang

Jo Burkimsher
1st January 2012, 20:47
Ditto :)

1st January 2012, 22:08
All the best all.

Have a great birthday Ang :-) xx

6th March 2012, 13:57
Better late than never!! :) Wish you all a very happy and a prosperous new year. My uncle was diagnosed with ALS two weeks back. I feel bad for him. He is not into computers and all (yeah, one of a kind). However, I would encourage him to join here and meet such lovely people.

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