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3rd January 2012, 02:03
Over the past few weeks my walking and balance has got noticeably worse, and I've had several times where I've lost my balance and fallen into a wall.

Yesterday morning I got up off the sofa and fell forwards smashing my face onto the tv remote control on the floor. I've knocked one tooth straight out, one is very loose and another badly cracked and aching like wild.
I've got a black eye, a lump on my head and swollen skinned lips.

The most scary part was I couldn't get up. No matter what I did I just didn't have the strength to even get onto my hands and knees. I knew I was getting weaker day by day but hadn't realised how weak I was till the fall.

Luckily my son helped me up onto the sofa, and I sat there, felt sick and passed out for 10 mins. He was talking to me and I had my eyes open staring at him, but I was well out of it.

I've barely left the sofa all day, just too afraid to in case it happens again.

Happy New Year everyone, be careful :D

3rd January 2012, 13:34
Hey Paul,sorry to read about your plight you will find that crutches will renew your confidence as I did when I fell, no, collasped a few times the last time jackknifing and ripping off a big toe nail on the carpet.Then same as you couldn't get up,I now have a riser recliner chair,once standing, support myself with crutches ,shuffle to the right and collaspe into my wheelchair which has rise and lower facilities.It's a game mate but theres ways and means to get about.When I was first offered crutches and a zimmer I thought no way Pedro,they will be straight in the garage.Same thoughts with scooter,then profile bed then raised toilet seat,then electric wheelchair and now we are waiting for a couple of ceiling hoists to be fitted but I am "still mobile" not dancing but still able with Saint Pat my wife to maintain some degree of dignity.Anyway Paul you take care.
Warmest Regards Bob& Pat from sunny Charmouth.

3rd January 2012, 13:58
Hey Paul and Robert ,

Sorry to hear about your tumble.mate , ,and can only echo robs feelings , hope you get yourself back into some form of mobility soon , and take care of yourself, i am now finding myself when crouching i am unable to stand up ,and on new years ever spent two hours stuck between the car and the garage wall , luckily the wife came out wondering where i had got to, i had only bent down to get my keys ,well i guess i am still quite lucky ,you hang in there speak to you when you feel better .

Regards to you both


3rd January 2012, 14:17
Hi Paul and Robert,
Regarding your transfers from A to B I wondered if you have looked at ETAC turners. They are human turntables and Irene my wife who suffers from mnd had arrived at a point where she could not safely get from a chair to bed,wheelchair or toilet under her own leg power in March/April last year. We were assuming a hoist would be needed but the turner was suggested. Using this you have to raise your self to a standing position but then the turner you stand on can be rotated through 360 degrees if need be and you then sit down where you want to be. The footplate is a circle about 1 foot in diameter mounted on bearings with a handle coming up about 3 feet from it for the passenger to steady themselves with. Irene continues to use this to this day although we do have a portable hoist for if the need arises. The turner is very robust and we have even taken it on holiday with us to Madeira. I rang Thomsons beforehand and they were happy to take it with Irene's wheelchair in the baggage hold.
This won't stop you falling down but may help to keep you safely mobile about the house.


7th January 2012, 19:49
Hi Paul

You have to make sure you do not bend your legs beyond the point of no return - when you are unable to get back up again. You may need a toilet seat raiser, a frame around the toilet with arm rests. A riser recliner chair may be available on loan from the MNDA. Hand rails around the house, grab handles at the front door etc etc.. You need an OT to visit urgently to assess these things and order them for you. Whenever you have to move focus on what you are doing. No conversation, no thinking of other things, just total concentration on getting from A to B safely. Falling can have serious consequences and must be avoided at all times.


10th January 2012, 00:23
Hiya- sorry to hear about your falls...
do you have a piper alarm so if you fall when alone you can call for help?
my mum keeps falling and getting fractures every few weeks, luckily the last fall a few days ago didn't result with any new fractures! get a bag or something you can put around your neck so you can always carry a phone with you to call for help (my mum fell the other day- phone out of order, mobile outside the lift and she was on the floor of the lift for an hour- didn't activate her alarm as guessed i would turn up soon!

lots of useful tips above
. also make sure you have not thresholds between rooms that you will trip over, look at the type of flooring as some are easier than others, also any walking aids so you have something to hold onto when you feel unsteady

By the way, my mum has found Bowen Therpay a useful alternative therapy that helps her feel more stable and less prone to falls (finds it helps her symptoms for about a week)

take it easy

10th January 2012, 12:09
Hi sorry about your falls , my husband has a walker with wheels and seat so he can stop if he feels himself falling ,but i like the sound of Robert wheelchair i will be asking his o t about them .

take care

10th January 2012, 16:38
Another tip - in a recent fall, I injured my fingers. Fortunately I thought to take my rings off straight away avoiding a visit to A & E to have them cut off. My knuckles are still swollen and I can't get the rings back on.

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