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Z3 Driver
12th January 2011, 22:04
Hi im new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself.
I was diagnosed on new years eve by Prof Shaw at the Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield with ALS .
Wasn't much of a surprise to be honest but hard to take all the same. WIth a 14 year old son and many lovely family and friends in support and my gorgeous girlfriend.
Im 40 years old and an Engineer Surveyor for a large insurance co , who i informed today of the problem. There going to get in touch with prof Shaw for a report !
Its mainly " focal " in my right /shoulder and hand and all seems ok so far everywhere else. Still waiting on delivery of the drug which im not looking forward to.

As my name suggests i have my boys toy a mint BMW Z3, only comes out in the summer, im also an active member on that forum. My other love is mountain biking but having been now told that exercise has to minimal then my bike will stay put.

there are many questions i have and still trying to fully understand and educate myself on the disease.
Will ask them all later .

thanks for reading

12th January 2011, 22:10
Hi Z3,

Welcome to the forum. :)


12th January 2011, 22:57
Hi Z3 Driver

Don't worry about the drug, Riluzole. It is very well tolerated and side effects are very rare. It is best taken on an empty stomach or two hours after food and at the same time every day every twelve hours. I have set my mobile phone to remind me twice a day.

You could continue driving for a long time if you car is automatic because your brain and reflexes are not impaired. It is only when you can no longer manage the pedals and control the steering that you have to give it up. If the Z3 is not automatic, perhaps you could changeit for one that is.

We are all on the same journey on this forum, so you have found the right place to learn how to cope.

Welcome to the forum


12th January 2011, 23:00
Hi mate, welcome on board ;)

13th January 2011, 04:41
Hi Z3

Welcome to the forum, you will find good support here.


13th January 2011, 19:35

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