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10th January 2012, 16:49
Hello to you all,

I have often lurked around here and found some usefull bits of advice to use with my Mum.

My mum has the Bulbar form of Mnd and was formally diagnosed in October 2010 but had first signs of symptons since September 2009.

My lovely Mum has a PEG fitted and all foods are given through that and Mum can manage small amounts of food, but this is changing on a daily basis and we top up with Fortisep.

Why i am really posting here is that Mum has suffered with jumpy twitchy legs, and now even muscle spasms which are getting her extremly down and she is struggling so badly that i feel i need to do all i can to try and find a solution as it is stopping her from sleeping.

Currently she is on Quinnine , Rilutek and Ropinerole which has just been increased to 4mg and in last 5 days we are now using Baclofen, 5mg 3 times a day with little effect.

Please can anyone offer any advice or recomend what we can try???????

10th January 2012, 17:55
Hi dd3 sorry to hear of your mum's discomfort i'm on quinnine and baclofen for the same problem,so i know how your mum feels bless her, my cramps and spasms have calmed right down since my neuro increased my baclofen
i'm now on 80mg a day i do know max dose is 100mg a day but if you have a word with your mum's neuro to increase it i'm sure more baclofen will help her.
Best wishes x elle x:):):)

10th January 2012, 20:57
Thank you Elle, Mum has only just started the Baclofen and became extremely drowsy on her first dose so I am not sure abiut increasing it just yet??

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