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13th January 2012, 11:46
I would like to get some bed advice please.

Does anyone else find the hospital bed too narrow? Are there any other options?

Does an air mattress help? Views on memory foam topper?

Any advice would be appreciated.

13th January 2012, 12:01
A hospital bed is not too narrow for me but everything you've asked depends upon your circumstances!

13th January 2012, 12:37
I'm not that big but find unable to turn from back to side without getting precariously close to the edge. Don't have the strength to turn body and shuffle back across...

Was told there was no chance of a bigger bed unless grossly overweight!! Goes to show the decision makers on these things don't have a clue about our comfort.

13th January 2012, 13:13
Is there a better mattress suggestion for the hospital bed to make it more comfortable? Yes I think the other real issue is it is restraining being only 1m wide.

Thanks for your advice so far.

14th January 2012, 16:21
If you decide to get a mattress topper for comfort, I would definitely recommend it. Although the first time I slept on one I felt like I was sinking

http://www.mattressman.co.uk/product.aspx?page_id=9&PID=13508 this is the one I bought, it comes with a removable cover.

For totally useless informations sake its really weird walking on it in bare feet :)

16th January 2012, 00:58
Hi tiffjak,
i would highly recommend a tempur mattress expensive but well worth it for comfort
i sleep much better with one i wish i'd bought one sooner good luck x elle x

16th January 2012, 14:25
Hi my husband finds the hospital bed very uncomfortable,he is in hospital at the moment recovering from a pulmonary embolism,and the bed he is on
he finds very good not exactly sure of the name but it s something like nebus,we are trying to talk our o t in to getting us one on his discharge,but
as always it s funding.

16th January 2012, 22:14
The right bed has proved invaluable to my husband Mark. He has an Enterprise hospital bed and is on a Nimbus Professional 3 mattress. Petal, this might be the mattress you are after - they are very expensive (£4,500) so your OT might take a bit of convincing but I just kept on and on and on - the difference has been amazing.

16th January 2012, 22:33
Thank you that, is the bed my husband is using i am just back from the hospital and i made a note of the name now i know the cost i do not hold out
much hope of getting one but will keep trying because as you say it makes a huge difference.

16th January 2012, 22:59
Petal, keep on and on - I have fought for everythin for Mark - he says the mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. It has made a difference of 3 hours sleep per night extra for Mark (and me).

16th January 2012, 23:26
I'm not that big but find unable to turn from back to side without getting precariously close to the edge. Don't have the strength to turn body and shuffle back across...

Was told there was no chance of a bigger bed unless grossly overweight!! Goes to show the decision makers on these things don't have a clue about our comfort.

Best get on the pasties and cream cakes then.....

Seriously though I still remember the day I was officially diagnosed and I asked about diet, they replied " a high carb diet infact cream cakes are particularly good" I suppose they're trying to get you to die from a heart attack - better for the KPI's I bet lol....

17th January 2012, 13:35
I have had a profiling bed for about 9 months. The mattress was upgraded a while ago to memory foam and yesterday this was changed for an air mattress.. I slept for 10 hours without a break last night. Once I am put to bed I stay in the same position all night as I am unable to turn myself or change my position during the night so I think the air mattress is a great improvement.


8th August 2012, 21:43
A nearby Mnd friend sent me this in an email to me. For those of you with a adjusting air mattress dream of lying on a sandy beach with the sunshine and gentile waves .
“she is going to chase bed for me I have the bog standfard mattress on I did have an air pressure one that got a PUNCTURE {no comments please}that got repaired and then was like laying on rocks with the tide coming in and going out so back[ to first one while wait for special one to come from factory”
I think I know what she means, Terry

28th September 2012, 10:08
Hi Hellack,
My physio organised a peice of equipment called a bed stick from Social Services. It is a double bar under the mattress that turns up each side into a short safety bar with a handle on top, placed at chest position on the bed. Used in conjunction with a slide tube I can turn and position myself. Keep asking and see if you can get these items.

28th September 2012, 12:16

Not sure why but all the posts by hellack are quotes from others postings either in there entirety or partially . If you read the quote by jaded john of G60 dubber at the top here you will see what I mean. i was quoted yesterday in one of his quotes where his wife had died in March.
I would suggest a person best ignored unless something original turns up.


Robyn Copley-Hirst
28th September 2012, 12:53
Hi John,

I've dealt with this. This tactic is always difficult to spot, firstly as the posts appear to be genuine, and secondly as it isn't nice to think of someone copying experiences like that.

This user had stated they were struggling with some movements themselves due to MND, they had lost their wife and also had a husband who was using equipment - all appeared to be word for word copies of earlier posts.

If anyone else ever spots this tactic being used, and someone copies your posts just let me know. Thankfully it doesn't happen very often.

I hope that helps and clears that one up for people.


28th September 2012, 13:29
Hi Ian;
I have used Elland Bed Rails on the side of my profile hospital bed for a couple of years. The OT should be able to get them and you can look them up on the internet.
All the best, Terry

12th February 2018, 18:37
Hi i have mnd but still slowly moving about with assist of a stick recently been sleeping downstairs on sofa which bugs wife as she thinks its not good for me
I find our tempur memory foam mattress sore when i wake around hips and cant walk easy in morn. So we will get a new one- kingsize is expensive and as its just the wife working we cant afford to make a mistake. I see on this thread loads of hospital mattress advice but do any of you use standard bed and or have advice . Going shopping tomorrow

12th February 2018, 20:42
Hi I to find it hard to turn in a single bed . I use two withnell bed rails because I have strength in arms and hands I can pull my self around a double . I have run timber between rails to support mattress and give a firm edge

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