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14th January 2012, 12:37
Having lost a lot of padding from my nether regions due to the progress of MND I am anxious to find a more comffortable alternative to the hard plastic seats fitted as standard to the great british toilet. I am probably not the first to experience this problem, so please share your solutions to this distressing problem.


14th January 2012, 12:44
I'm sure that I've seen soft toilet seats somewhere, I think I will go have a look.




No idea whether the links will work, but hope this helps.

14th January 2012, 13:15
Hi Clive,
You could consider getting a commode chair with a soft seat and backrest that goes above your toilet, which will give you more support in the future.
Regards Mark

14th January 2012, 13:24
Well done caramel, good info and, yes, the links do work!

I think the Sue Ryder link is especially useful because of the large amount of "other stuff" that is available from them. Worth half an hour just to browse through their stock!

And who'd have thought that you could buy a padded loo seat from Amazon? Mind you, I s'pose a lot of people do spend their time reading whilst on the loo. In fact it's probably the origin of the term "multitasking" . . .

Thanks again for the info,


17th January 2012, 16:54
I got a soft seat from Wilkinson at a reasonable price, you could check out their website I think I paid around 6.50 which means it would not be an expensive disaster if it turns out not to be suitable for you.

8th August 2012, 01:37
Hi Clive
The problem with the seats is that they leave the bottom very red, if you have someone that can assist then i advise applying cavilon cream to the bottom and thighs. we found that with my mum sitting on the seat her bottom was red. cavilon can assist with protecting the skins to avoid pressure sores.

We did not find a solution for toilet seats for mum and when i sat on the shower or camode seat they were really hard (note my mum did not use the camode but the shower chair was useful in the end).

It is not what you were asking but i did try to call MNDA connect today to offer them a riser for the closomat toilet, i think it was a couple of thousand pound. it elevates you up and down on/' off the seat. although it is still quite a hard seat the benefits are that if you have some mobility you do not "drop down" onto the toilet. or you can be assisted from someone else to a standing position then lowered down onto the seat.

To get to the point, we are giving the local council back the closomat to use for someone else but they don not want the riser. apparently it cost 100 to be installed. it would only be helpful to you if you have a closomat toilet i think. If you want it let me know as i was only going to ring MNDA tomorrow to see if they wanted it for the equipment loan to lend out to people.

if you want photos of it i can post them
best wishes

PS could you get someone to make you a toilet seat from some nice soft material? not so good for hygiene i guesss

9th August 2012, 19:59
Hi Lucy

I have been supplied with a Geberit toilet. It is an amazing piece of kit and I am very thankful for it. My problem now is that my strength is going in my arms and legs and it is becoming very hard to get off the toilet and into my wheelchair. The riser would be very helpful to me if it would work with the Geberit toilet and I could get it installed by the same specialist who installed the toilet. Please post the photos as I have never seen a riser before.



9th August 2012, 20:55
HEY CLIVE,nice to hear from you,was only thinking of you yesterday,a ceiling hoist with an oxford access sling could solve your problem if you have the room.

Warmest Regards Bob

9th August 2012, 23:59
Hi Clive

If it is suitable of course you are welcome to it. Looking at the brochures on line i think it is the aerolat vertical tilt.

0800 374076 Total hygiene are the main suppliers. (number there and brochure below).
I will try and call them tomorrow to ask if it is suitable with your Gerbit toilet. I note that they say it can be used with another bracket on a conventional toilet seat.

I will pop to mums tomorrow to take photos and check the brochure out as it is still in her living room


best wishes
will be in touch tommorow


10th August 2012, 13:31
Hi Lucy

That looks very interesting. My toilet is a Geberit Aquaclean 8000.

I will PMS my email addrees to you.



10th August 2012, 13:38
Hi Clive, Batty's idea above worked well with me for a while as the legs are adjustable your OT will supply this ask for padded seat.

Regs Bob

1st October 2012, 14:56
Very interesting lines. I really appreciated.

MND Connect helpline