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14th January 2012, 12:25
For some of us, where our diaphragm has been weakened, toileting can be a daily nightmare. It affects wether we can go out or not, or visit friends in thier homes for example. I find Movicol is absolutely indespensible, but would like to hear from other users if they have established when is the best time to take it. Is it best taken before a meal, after a meal, last thing at night, two sachets as one dose or one sachet taken twice in the day. The possibilities are endless.

My objective is to get the stuff to work at a predictable time every day so I can plan to do other things. Any information would be welcome.


14th January 2012, 12:41
Hi Clive,
I have taken Movicol for the last couple of years, basically it stops your stool from solidifying I take one sachet before I go to bed every night and empty my bowels next morning.

16th January 2012, 00:06
Hi clive,
i too have taken movicol a few yrs, i take 1sachet each night but if taking any anti-biotics
at any time find i need to increase dose to 1 and half satchets as anti-biotics can in some cases bung you up,
but 1 satchet usually at night works fine, good luck x elle x

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