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14th January 2012, 18:21
Have had a scan of lower spine then a scan of upper and lower spine.Now my Neurologist wants a scan of my head.........Why???

14th January 2012, 20:58
There is no positive diagnosis for mnd so the only way they can find out if you have it is to rule out everything else. While they are still looking for other reasons for your symptoms there is a chance you may have something else that is curable. The time to worry is when they stop looking.
Hope you haven't got it.


14th January 2012, 21:45
Hi Steve67,
Well i can only tellyou from my experiences , i have now had four MRI and two CT scans and a few EMG tests, As for the Head MRI they show changes within the brainstem , that may show things that goes towards several other tests ,that rule out other conditions and as they get less ,it leaves well MND , So for now no news is good news ,and hope for you it stays that way. Yes the waiting is worrying ,but face it when it happens until then best of luck



14th January 2012, 23:00
Thanks guys.to the person that pm'd me I was unable to open on iPad but will try and read when I can access a laptop thank you

15th January 2012, 18:44
Interesting read on ALStdi.There is some research at a place in Oxford that is looking at MRI scans to try to give an earlier diagnosis for people with Familial ALS.I don't mind taking part in research but would like to be notified if this is the reason I am having a MRI of my head.

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