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20th January 2012, 15:01
Hi all, I have not looked on the forum for ages. My wife and I live in Spain and have finally found a buyer for our house so we hope to move back to the UK quite soon.

One of our daughters lives in Earley, Reading and would like to have us quite near but we will not have lots of dosh as the market here is hopeless 33% down from 3 years ago.

So we figure a retirement flat or bungalow will be good for us as we are late both in our late 60's. Our daughter is looking, and of course we are too. But after living in the sun, having a pool and views of mountains and the sea, I do not want to be in a city or large town. So we are looking at places within 15 miles or so of Reading. There are lots to chose from.

So the Car Centres. It looks like Oxford will be the nearest, does anyone have experience please?

Kind regards


21st January 2012, 09:00
Hi Michael,
Congratulations, hope your sale goes through without a hitch.
Our house in France sold on 10th January. We came back to England in September but the sale will let us get on with our lfe.

Good luck,


21st January 2012, 12:03
The team at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford are fantastic. You will find many positive reference to them here on the forum. If I ever have to move, I will try to ensure I can still attend the clinic there.

31st January 2012, 11:12
Hi, we are disappointed, the sale fell through, so we soldier on.

Thanks for the relies.

Kind regards


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