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21st January 2012, 15:06
Hello everyone.

At 1.00pm on Thursday 19th January my dear friend of 31 years passed away peacefully at St. Joseph's Hospice, Thornton.

Following a chest infection just before christmas Jeff's condition began to detoriate and he began to have difficulty with secretions for the first time in his 15 month battle with the disease.

After a final visit to A&E on the 12th January he agreed with his consultants to return to the loving care provided by the nursing staff at St. Joseph's Hospice.

I'm struggling to come to terms with the hole this has left in my life, but I'm determined to adopt Jeff's approach and that was he owned the disease, the disease didn't own him. He never once said "Why me" or showed any anger as his mobility decreased, he simply said "Right Al, we need to do this", he just kept on adapting to his new situation.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to the amazing individuals and forum members that offered support and advice which kept me informed and motivated to do my best for Jeff and from which he took great comfort and inspiration.

With love and best wishes to all you marvellous people.

Alan x

21st January 2012, 15:28
Hi Allan,

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, to have a friend such as you had ,and knowing that true friends are few and far between, He also was lucky to have someone there for him.as you where

Best wishes


21st January 2012, 17:23
Alan, I am gutted and saddened to hear about Jeff’s passing. I know he was your best friend, and it must be really hard for you right now. My thought's are with you.

With love

Jeannie xx

21st January 2012, 19:04
So sorry.


21st January 2012, 21:37

Im sending you my deepest Condolences, our thoughts re with you.


22nd January 2012, 06:59
So sorry for your sd loss but in admiration for your strength. that your dear friend has left you as a legacy. You and all the other amazing people on this forum are really helping me cope with the early days after diagnosis. With admiration. Magic

22nd January 2012, 07:39
Sorry to hear of your sad loss.

God Bless


22nd January 2012, 11:18
So sorry

22nd January 2012, 23:19
Alan, I was so sorry to hear the news of Jeff's death. thinking of you, Lucy

3rd February 2012, 11:11
Thank you to everyone for your care and compassion. I'll keep looking in on the forum from time to time and sincerely hope that you all achieve everything you would wish for.

Take care.


3rd February 2012, 11:18
Thanks Alan, you take care


5th February 2012, 16:27
Really sorry to hear that Alan. Thank you for your support to the rest of us PALS and carers in the time youve been here too.


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