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22nd January 2012, 12:35
Hello my name is Marion and I'm new. I am from Essex and have been given a likely diagnosis of MND based on eeg and emg.At the moment only my right foot is affected. I am currently waiting for an MRI of brain and spine, and also waiting for some physio so that I can try and go back to work.

22nd January 2012, 14:36
Hi Marion and welcome,

Sorry to hear of your likely diagnosis, let's hope it isn't confirmed after your MRI scans. It's good to hear you so positive about going back to work, most people here would agree that taking things one day at a time is the best way forward. Not sure if you've taken the time to look round the place, but I AM sure you'l find it full of help, generosity and incurably positive people.

Don't be afraid to ask questions here, you'll get help on practically any subject (although info on European Arboriculture is a little thin on the ground) - there's always someone with a helpful word. If you have any questions relating to the forum facilities you can always ask one of the moderators or Robyn, the forum coordinator.

And finally, no welcome message would be complete without pointing you in the direction of the kindly folk at MND Connect. They can help with advice on matters medical or care related, benefits, local resources in your area - or even just 'someone to talk to'. Their phone number is 08457 626262 or email mndconnect@mndassociation.org. Full details are available on the MND Connect tab at the top of this page.

Best wishes (and good luck with the dx.),


23rd January 2012, 21:55
Hi Marion, I'm also new to the forum and I remember my symptoms of a floppy right foot which were due to Sciatica and then went away again years ago. So stay positive and good look with the MRI

25th January 2012, 10:12
Hi there, thanks ever so much for your encouragement. Just a question. were your eeg and emg test results normal or abnormal. and also does sciatica cause fasciculations. I'm searching for hope. Marion.

25th January 2012, 10:39
Hi Marion,

I suffer from the bulbar form of MND so i am not to sure if the tests have the same resuls for us all, but in my case ,I had no syptoms other than a speech problem after suffering a brain bleed, it wasnt until many years after and several emg and nerve studies they came up with myastheniia gravis ,but that changed after more tests and further MRIs, then it was decided i had MND, So dont despair just yet and the answers will come in time ,try to stay positive i know its hard to do that ,but hope you get good news after your MRI


25th January 2012, 11:07
Hi Pete. Thanks so much for your support, I geusse it doesn't help that I'm stuck at home because my foot is stiff for the driving. (waiting to see a physio) I've tried to get into a good book but I can't concentrate. MRI is on the 14th Feb so not long to wait. Thanks. Marion.

25th January 2012, 14:51
Hi Marion,

Your welcome anytime, I find the forum quite a help, if there is anything you need to ask or just chat about things in general, dont be afraid to join in ,thats what this is all about, and I agree for me at first is was really soul destroying being at home when your used to being at work,and for things you may want to chat about on a less public front, there is private messaging, so whenever ,hope all goes well for you on the 14th

Best wishes

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