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23rd January 2012, 16:01
Hi everyone,
I can't find a thread for this, but I'm hoping that its something that someone can help me with. My mum has been given a Dynavox Modeltalker which has been helping her to communicate. However, she is getting weaker and finding it harder and harder to reach and press the buttons. The machine comes with an eye-sensor attachment, so that when this happens, she can stop relying on her hands and the machine will read her eye movements. However, we can't seem to be able to get this component working - we can't get it to register her eye movements.

Has anyone out there experienced this same problem, and found a solution to it? If so, I'd be really keen to know how you got round it.


24th January 2012, 22:53
Hi Beccy -

Not sure if you've tried this, but Dynavox have a UK website page at - http://uk.dynavoxtech.com/default.aspx which displays a customer support phone number: 01926 516250. You should be able to get the necessary info from there.

Best wishes,


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