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26th January 2012, 16:37
Hi all

I'm in the process of building an extension and now I'm looking t the bathroom, I've decided on Altro Marine flooring for the wetroom, I'm planning on getting a clos o mat, but the OT has advised on a body drier, has anyone got any recommendations of any, and any recommdations of ny suppliers - oh I will be buying it myself by the way:mad:


26th January 2012, 18:05
Hi John,
A body drier is the one piece of equipment that I decided not to have, basically all the ones I saw were designed for you to be standing upright, as we all end up in a shower chair I did'nt think it would be suitable.
Regards Mark

26th January 2012, 18:12
What so your relying on someone drying you? Cos I'm struggling with a towel now


26th January 2012, 18:19
Yes, my wife gives me a complete shower and dries me with a towel, I had my wet room built three years ago and have the same flooring you are having and also had to pay for it all myself, but if I had'nt my savings would of been above the level to which I would have to pay for my continuing healthcare, so although it hurts the money is better invested in your property
Regards Mark

26th January 2012, 18:23
Yes agree, I'm having this extension built with a long term idea of it could be easily converted into a nice flat for my children, I'm having an extra soil pipe and h/c feed put in ( and boxed in) so later on when I don't need it, a kitchen could be easily put in.

26th January 2012, 19:40
Hi John

Mark is right - it seems the body driers only seem suitable if you are standing upright - I think they are quite narrow. Shower chairs are pretty big and I don't think the air from the drier would blow out far enough to dry you fully and I don't think the air would blow upwards underneath the chair to dry your bum (hope that makes sense). One other thought, if you did go for a Clos-o-mat, make sure you get one that the shower chair/commode can fit over and the flush is remote control rather than elbow operated.

26th January 2012, 20:14
Thanks rach

I had heard that tip for the clos o mat before, so thanks for reminding me!


27th January 2012, 11:17
I am the same, Darren showers and dries me.

John, as you know Darren is in the process of converting our utility room to a wetroom. We were going to have the same flooring as you which I personally hate, but thankfully it only comes in a certain width and we didn't want a join. We decided to tile the walls and floor in the same tile and in the actual shower area floor it will be mosaic which we found to be cheap and looks better.

I am also having a glass shower screen. Our room will look similar to pictured, but with mosaic on shower floor area.


27th January 2012, 11:24
I'll have the same if it comes with the model:p

I found this body drier, which goes to the floor


Reason for me with the flooring I need a completely maintenance product, as I don't have a "Darren" to maintain it !


27th January 2012, 11:31
LOL Bad man ;)

John, a dryer is pointless in my opinion. How will it dry butt, back of legs and lower back if you're sitting in a chair, also if you cannot raise arms it's not gonna dry arms or pits. xx

27th January 2012, 11:37
Also its good to have your arms and legs moved about whilst being dried with a towel, which also gives a regular inspection of your skin.
Keep posting the videos:D

27th January 2012, 11:49
lmao Mark, I bet you made screen bigger to see if you could see a little bit more ;)

27th January 2012, 11:51

16th January 2013, 04:08
Altro marine flooring is better idea is it work as slip resistant, so it is very useful in wetroom.
There are many mineral grains are created with the help of this flooring which ensures a safe
walking surface area.

16th January 2013, 10:10
Another alternative in these days of austerity, is cheap and accessible to all.Simply shower and go outside on a windy day.

16th January 2013, 13:50
we have the altro flooring. My advice is not to go for the beige colour as it always looks dirty!

1st September 2013, 11:06
What everyone should be made aware of 1. to have a fan in the ceiling or wall which continues working to extract the moisture, after you have finished, 2. always keep the door closed unless you want bad condensation issues in your home.

I was called to a very large expensive home one day and the owner took me upstairs into a small bedroom and opened the small wardrobe, and produced a man's navy blue suit that had turned green with the mould growing on it, "what do think caused this" he said, I said well in my opinion it was the shower in the room we just passed, it was his sons bedroom, there was a glass panelled wet room in the corner, the door was open and there was no ceiling to the wet room, the sides finished before they got to the ceiling.

I told him to buy or rent two de-humidifiers, and to put one each end of the upstairs hallway, I never heard from again!

So when I built mine it has an anti condensation automatic ceiling fan, and we do suffer from condensation.
as for drying we use towels, never actually used a body dryer.


9th October 2013, 14:37
Hi John
think Kelage has been terminated ,yes it does make you wonder ,if they even know what the site is for ,but having said that I think they don't care its just another site to them.

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