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29th January 2012, 22:17
My husband has been in hospital for three weeks, after having a pulmonary embolism ,after 10 days he was well enough to be moved to a rehab unit but we had to wait , for a bed my rant is that ,i know that not enough ,people know about mnd.but surely in the medical profession nursing staff in hospital and rehab units should have some knowledge i find i am having to to explain to them all the time my ,husbands needs and dred going home and leaving him in there care,it is just more stressful than being at home.

30th January 2012, 00:19
If the hospital has a neurological ward get your husband transferred there. They are the ones with the experience and expertise he needs.


Robyn Copley-Hirst
30th January 2012, 11:50
Hi Petal,

We've had a quick chat here about your situation. It is completely up to yourself, but the Connect team are very happy to talk to you and try and figure out if there's any way we can help you both.

You mention the lack of information/knowledge on MND and we can provide a GP booklet which can be sent out, to the hospital your husband is in, to whoever is in charge - the nurse in charge/ sister on the ward etc.

We do agree with John, that if there is a neurology ward, it is worth trying to get him transferred there because of their expertise. If not it might be worth trying to get a case conference sorted out, where everyone involved in your husbands care discusses his medical needs and what provisions and knowledge are needed by everyone. This can be attended by a neuro-consultant. These are all just brief ideas, but the team would know more with further details if you did choose to contact them.

Connect can also talk with you and try to figure out if there's anything in your area that you can be linked up to if you're not already, a care centre for example.

Do feel free to call us if you wish on 08457 62 62 62 and if there is anything we can do to help we'll endevour to do that either with yourself or on your behalf with your permission. Or, if you just need to 'rant' Connect are there for yourself as a carer, too, or indeed any healthcare professionals involved.

Best Wishes to both of you,


30th January 2012, 13:53
Hi Robyn thanks for your reply,i have made an appointment with my husbands team this afternoon so hopefully we will get something sorted
it is a rehab unit and there ,is not neurology ward,have also spoken to the .connect team about what help i can expect when he comes home.

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