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1st February 2012, 18:00
Hi all

Lately I've become pretty immobile, and find myself sat for long periods, it started with my feed, so I got one of those electric foot warmers - you know the ones granny has :cool: but lately my lower legs (below knee) is absolutely freezing. They're so cold I've never felt anything like it!

I've tried a blanket, but that seems to make no difference.

I know this is due to lack of circulation, but is there anything I can do.

We went out today to Weston super mare, and I've not thawed out yet!!!

See picy below!

http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt197/tourangang/th_2065e2aa.jpg (http://s611.photobucket.com/albums/tt197/tourangang/?action=view&current=2065e2aa.jpg)

1st February 2012, 18:20
Hello John,

I have the same problem. For daytime I have bought long johns which I tuck into my socks so they don't show below my trousers!! This makes a big difference. I got mine from Sainsburys and they are thermals. For sitting in my chair I use a Dreamland heated throw. It has 9 heat settings. You can find them in Sainsburys, John Lewis etc. For night time I have a microwave heated pad under my feet. It is a sealed packet of putty like stuff in a fleece covering that you heat for two minutes. It stays warm for around eight hours or more. If you can keep your lower legs warm you will be much more comfortable.


1st February 2012, 18:22
Great pic :)

I have never tried one, but you could try a foot massager/circulation booster http://www.circulationbooster.co.uk/help-info/be-aware/

1st February 2012, 19:05
thanks Clive, I will have a look at those products

Jeannie - thanks too I'm still frozen from going out for the day - have a read of my blog it will make you laugh!


1st February 2012, 19:30
i get my daughter to sit on my knees, keeps the legs nice n toasty :-)

1st February 2012, 19:41
Hi John,get some thermal lined trousers such as clifford james or M&S they work for me,also theres plenty of heated socks on google.
Regards Bob

1st February 2012, 19:52
i get my daughter to sit on my knees, keeps the legs nice n toasty :-)


My daughter a bit big!

http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt197/tourangang/th_01b3b5ca.jpg (http://s611.photobucket.com/albums/tt197/tourangang/?action=view&current=01b3b5ca.jpg)

And Louis doesnt stay still for long enough!

1st February 2012, 19:53
Thanks Bob


1st February 2012, 20:02
just bought some craghopper lined walking trousers, they're nice n warm.

Asha loves it n stays put for a while. She loves pushing me around in the chair too, bless her, totally destroys shelves n displays lika gud un. She's one strong 4yr old !!

1st February 2012, 20:18
We have a single sleeping bag rolled down and fleeced velcro bootees and no cold legs anymore. Ang

1st February 2012, 20:31
Hi John.
My feet are always cold (left unheated) and I spend all day at a computer so its in one location which might be easier to resolve than in your situation but regardless I thought this might be useful.
I found a carpet pad by a company called Warmly Yours that has the heating wires in it that are similar to the pads that get installed under tile in a bathroom. It is a self contained pad and can be placed on any floor surfaces with any issues. There are two sizes and one may even fit on the step of a wheelchair although they do need to be plugged in. I have it plugged into a timer and it turns on about 30 min before I typically start working each day and off at the end of the day and I work with toasty feet all day.
I am sure there are similar products by local manufacturers where you live. They are great and have resolved my cold feet at least during the day and while working. They may even be able to modified for battery use so it can move with you?

2nd February 2012, 13:11
Thanks guys and gals or all our advice, I'll let you know wht I end up with!


2nd February 2012, 20:22
Hi all
Am I the only one who can`t stand warm feet, to the extent that I can`t sleep with warm feet. I hate the cold but love cold feet, is this weird?


2nd February 2012, 20:44
Until this year, I always preferred to have cold feet and slept with my feet outside the covers. Now I prefer to have them warm. When I went for podiatry appointment today, I was advised to wear long socks because my feet were cold. Apparently if the vascular pump in the calf is cold, then blood does not circulate to the feet and so they do not get warm.

24th October 2012, 18:46
dont know if it will help but hubby been immobilised since fracturing his clavicle so got him one of those mini pedal bikes to help with his circulation.his legs are weak but hes had a nice pedal today and it also helps with trapped wind!!:rolleyes:.having hole knocked through two rooms next week so hopefully get electric wheelchair.carers started last friday and they are lovely.wicked sense of humour.didnt realise how much i was doing till they took over!best wishes caroline x ps your daughter is absolutely beautiful xx

25th October 2012, 12:29
I use heated bean bags, the ones designed for bad necks!

9th November 2012, 18:38
We bought an electric heating pad to put in the cats' basket (She was very old and recently passed). It runs off a small transformer and is only 12v and it is a godsend. I too, suffer from cold feet and legs and I had the idea of putting this pad on my shins - BLISS!!!!

5th April 2017, 08:04
Same as me. I can't sleep well every night during winter.

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