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4th February 2012, 10:38
wrap up and get some snow chains for the wheelchairs, i'm enjoying the tropical temperatures of my local hospice at the moment.


4th February 2012, 14:54
oh its dreadful cold here in burnley but we have no snow thank goodness but we are indoors nice and warm Johns reclined his wheelchair and is dozing on and off hes waiting for the england rugby match later.Does your hospice do respite or are you not feeling well xx

4th February 2012, 15:50
Hi Laurence,

Have been asking Dani if your doing ok. Glad to see you on here. Hope the Hospice are treating you well and get you up and running and out of there soon. xx Ang

4th February 2012, 16:27
Hi Laurence,

You saved me emailing Dani ;) glad your warm and well. How are you getting on with CHC? xx

5th February 2012, 21:03
just waiting for pre discharge meeting to be set up then will have a better idea, hospice doesn't offer respite, but daycare or inpatient services.its very good here,was a bit rough yesterday a bit better today

5th February 2012, 21:19
Hi L
Glad to hear your feeling a little better. And hope your home soon with a great care package to back you up in what you need. Ang

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