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5th February 2012, 13:57
I am a new member ,have had mnd for over two years now.I live on my own and are totally wheelchair bound but I still manage to look after myself and I hope to do this as long as I can.

5th February 2012, 14:51
Hi Farmer, welcome

Let be the first to say your very welcome here ,and hope you gain any information you need to help you ,living on your own you have my admiration and well as coping with this condition ,i wish you all the best and any time you need to chat ,please add to the forum


5th February 2012, 22:37
Hi farmer and welcome to the forum.

So glad that you've joined us here, especially since you live on your own. This place is a mine of information as and when you need it, and also a good place to chat and be in contact with people who 'know the score'.

Don't be concerned about asking questions - if you look through the pages and threads here you'll see that the biggest benefit is mutual help and advice. Have you made contact with your local branch of the Association? They can usually arrange for an Association visitor to call on you, if you wish, who can also offer advice and help in many ways.

If you ever need to talk to someone in confidence, or simply want to chat, the folk at MND Connect are available to provide knowledgeable advice, simple and unbiased. The number to call is 08457 626262, or just click on the MND Connect tab at the top of the page for full details.

Hope to see you here often,

Best wishes,


5th February 2012, 23:17
Hi welcome ,my husband has mnd i only joined the forum recently and already it has helped in so many ways,

take care

6th February 2012, 01:02
Hi farmer, welcome to the forum,
respect to you managing to cope on your own with mnd, always feel free to ask as many questions you wish if the need arises, or just to chat there are some with a great sense of humour so at least you can have a laugh.
Take care x elle x:):):)

6th February 2012, 13:22
Welcome Farmer. I too have much respect for you managing on your own. Hope you get some good info here.

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