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14th January 2011, 13:17
Just got back from my half day in work and about 20 mins before leaving I fell :( I came out of the office, lost my footing on one of the two steps down, fell forward and tried to stop myself with right arm, unfotunatly that's my weaker arm so it just gave way! Ended up on my back. Luckily as I struggled to my feet nobody had seen me :) I was expecting hear a big laugh!
I'm left with a sore ankle and shoulder. This isnt the first time I've fell but the first in work. My confidence walking has been lost in the last month or so, now this has made me more wary. Steps are becoming a scary thing to tackle and I'm feeling it's only a matter of time before I do a bit more damage than just a bump or bruise.
I need to be fully fit for my stag doo at 235 casino in Manchester next Friday ;)

One other thing is I'm going for a swine flu jab on Monday and I've heard it can make you quite poorly, is this true?


14th January 2011, 13:46
sorry to here your about your fall chris, try and look after yourself - you dont want to spoil your wedding day.

swine flu - no, i had mine and did not have any ill feelign.


14th January 2011, 14:00
Thanks John. I've not told my gf yet as she is out with work, I know she will go mad and start getting on at me to finish work. This is one of the things that's been worrying her about my job.

14th January 2011, 14:44
Hi Chris, My first tumble in work was off a ladder on the 12th. December 1989, and I've not worked since. It then took until September 1997 before I was diagnosed. I failed every medical I was asked to attend. I think the ministry doctors who examined me had an idea of what had caused my fall was MND but, this was never said to me.

As for Swine Flu, I did feel a bit low for a couple of days but nothing to worry about.


14th January 2011, 22:04
Hi Chris

Sorry to hear about you tumble. Stairs and steps are a big danger for us, going down or up. I had two miraculous escapes from heavy falls going up steps last year, so I am now super careful. It is best to force yuourself to stop at every step you encouinter, as you would before crossing the road, and consider what you are doing with your feet. I find it safer to go down a step at an angle one foot at a time instead of just walking straight down. The big danger of falling is breaking a hip with some bad consequences that can follow.

14th January 2011, 23:17
Hi Chris,

MND has served a notice on you. Take note. You are reluctant to share your problems with other people too but please get over this, a problem shared is a problem halved. Inform your works of the fall, as you say they are a good employer and they will accomodate you.

That is me, the pot calling the kettle!

I must have fallen two dozen times. Broken leg, 10 scalp stitches, mashed face a punching a tooth out. The scariest was falling over backwards on pavement. Luckily the back of my head landed in grass.

Best wishes


19th January 2011, 23:39
My mum used to fall without warning. She went to see a kinesiologist and found her walking much more stable and her falling stopped. The kinesiologist was on leave for 2 months so she has seen a Bowen Therapist and she feels that this also stabilises her walking- there is a marked difference in her walking, posture, ability to stand straight without wobbling backwards, lifting her feet better.
Typed by Luce (on behalf of Margaret- diagnosed Dec 10)

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