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7th February 2012, 11:38
I was diagnosed in January 2005, like most of you i know i had something wrong with me 2 yrs previous to my diagnoses. I am an old boy now in my sixties,and i do have a warped sense of humour. So i will write on this post when i have something to say. I have got to learn my way round this forum as i am a bit thick and do not understand things like Tags: and icons, etc. I'm sure that given time i will learn.

7th February 2012, 15:50
Hi Derek,welcome to our club,there's plenty going on here to keep you occupied although you are an old boy in your sixties.If you want help just ask, someone will have advice or an answer.Derek can you tell me as you've had this quite a while now how advanced you are with MND.?
Well that's your interigation over with for now I wish you a warm welcome talk to you soon. Regards Bob a young man in his sixties.

7th February 2012, 19:26
welcome Derek you sound like a very young at heart man in his sixties, my husband john has a wicked sense of humour hes also in his sixties and is in his 19th year with this disease love to you Irene and John

8th February 2012, 01:22
hi derek,
welcome to the forum,don't be so hard on yourself i'm sure your not thick as you put it we all have to start somewhere. Ask away anything you would like to know, you say you have a warped sense of humour well your definitely at the right place take care x elle x

8th February 2012, 10:19
Hello Robert, Irene and Elle,
Thank you for the welcome. Robert my MND is well advanced, i can only stand up and get out of my rise and recline and on to my wheels with the help of my frame. My speech is knackered, and i use my computer with (Jaybee speech Technolgy) to help with my speech. I can still eat and drink, although i have a cough and a splutter when i drink water. I do have some thickner i can put in the water, but it looks like wall paper paste and don't like it, i have never tasted wall-paper paste but i'm sure it has a similar tast. My lovely wife Jenny of 43 years of marriage washes, and dresses me, helps to feed me, she does everything for me, nothing is any trouble for her.

Irene, that is a lovely name. My sisters name is Irene and she is lovely. Your husband is doing very well to have MND for 19 years, lets hope he continues to have another 19 years. People say to me, you are not doing too bad to have had seven years. I tell 'em that i am only staying alive to be awkward and to get some of my money back from the government which i paid in taxes for 45 years.

Hello Elle, I will ask if i want to know something, and the same goes for you. We are all in this together and it is nice to help each other with our moral support. I always say we have MND, it won't go away so make the most of our lives or what we have left of it and be happy, and i do try to do that.

Now it says on the bottom here (Post Quick Reply) so i will do that, but what does (Go Advanced) mean.

8th February 2012, 10:48
Hi Derek,

I am another sixty plus , just wanting to add my welcome to you and your good lady wife , very similar in our house ,and your outlook so much we have in common ,i too feel i need to hang around a bit more ,and get something back who knows i may even get to collect my pension. And yes the thickeners are grosse I use a straw for liquids and it works ,but i have Bulbar form i dont know if you have tried but it also works with Brandy ohhhyes it works very well ? As for the advanced button ,i never used it ,but i bet someone comes back to you one of the mods or one who knows ,i kid you not there is nothing you want to know that isnt available on here ,so good luck ,and welcome again we need some fresh views on here .

best wishes


8th February 2012, 12:17
Hello Pete,
Thank you for your welcome, I will try a brandy with a staw. I have not had any booze for about 3 years as it always went down the wrong hole and made me choke, not good for the lungs. I like to go to the local MNDA meetings. We now have a Bungalow in Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex.
We were in a house in Kent but it was to difficult for me to go in and out and upstairs, and we had a large garden, to much for my wife. Now i can get around the Bungalow very easy on my pod. I'm like a Dalek on my electric pod, it is very small and has the drive wheels in the centre and can turn on a sixpence.

We went to the MNDA meetings at the Wisdom Hospice at Rochester, when they all knew we were moving away they were sad and asked if we would still come up there, so we said we would. It is a long way there but they are all lovely happy people, there are about twenty of us all with MND in various stages. We also go to the Lewes Branch where there are around fifteen with MND and they are a happy bunch of people, you learn so much more when you interact with others. Yes i think i will enjoy chatting to you all.

8th February 2012, 12:24
Hello again Pete, I have been poking around on this sight and discovered it's your Birthday, So Happy Birthday to You and Best Wishes, Derek.

8th February 2012, 14:49
Happy birthday pete !!! Ang

8th February 2012, 19:17
Is this the 60s club?? If so, I would like to join. As regards coughing an spluttering when drinking - I find alcohol is OK if I dilute it (breaks my heart!) but putting a small amount of squash in water makes that easier to swallow.,

8th February 2012, 20:00
Hi, Derek

Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes,

Hello angnmick

Hope your both well and micks doing ok , i bet your having a good bit of the white stuff up there , and thanks for your kind wishes

Best wishes to you all


8th February 2012, 20:07
Hi Pete,

Had the white stuff and was all gone within 48hours, its just a little nippy out there. Mick doing okish started on Peg feeding Monday, upset tummy Tuesday so trying to persevere and build him up a little.Thanks for asking, hope you've had a lovely birthday xx Ang

8th February 2012, 21:02
Hi angnmick,

you are kidding i though you would be knee deep in the stuff, us southerners are normally lucky, and where we are we always manage just to miss the worst , but its really cold ,funny never noticed it before ,but since being diagnosed ,i feel it now cant seem to keep warm,is this another side to mnd , and as for the peg i wish mick all the best , i have heard good things about having it ,when it becomes a must, i guess it takes a while to get it right for mick, and wish you well and hopes it make life a bit easier for you both,and yes i had a good one the first in a good while.

best wishes to you pete and Lynne

8th February 2012, 21:14
Happy Birthday Pete! :) :)

9th February 2012, 09:20
Hi Paul

long time no hear, hope your well and thanks for the wishes cheers, How is the trial going , hope its proving to be beneficial.


9th February 2012, 10:33
Hello Miranda, Sounds like a sixties club don't it, make yourself at home.Thanks for that little piece of advice.

9th February 2012, 12:42
The swinging sixties,free love so they say. I dunno where they got that from I always had to pay for it.Anyway I had a result lately they came and fitted us 2 love swings, one in the bedroom and one in the lounge suspended from the ceilings.I suppose we will now have to start closing the curtains you how nosey some neighbours can be. Warmest Regards,Memories and Fantasies Bob from sunny Charmouth

9th February 2012, 13:50
I had no idea we had so many 60 year old youngsters on the forum. I am just coming up to 78, so are there any more old timers out there?


9th February 2012, 14:28
Hullo Clive, yes this is me again and I thought if you could call up this link it would remind you of another time when life was so good and we never considered what it would be like to be 85, but it is good to have so many new friends.

Wrex Tarr-04-Yena Lo Golf.mp3


14th February 2012, 16:33
Hello Trevor

I had forgotten all about you. Sorry, but this disease is also messing with my head. At 85 you are number one in the old timers club.

Thanks for the link to Wrex. We were talking about him just the other day.


15th February 2012, 01:38
Hi derek,
go advanced means your able to attach smiley faces etc. You just put cursor at the end of your message
then click on smiley of your choice and it will be displayed at the end of your message hope this helps with
your understanding take care x elle x:):):)

18th February 2012, 09:22
Hi derek,
go advanced means your able to attach smiley faces etc. You just put cursor at the end of your message
then click on smiley of your choice and it will be displayed at the end of your message hope this helps with
your understanding take care x elle x:):):)

Hello elle, Thank you, and yes i know now. You take care as well.

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