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25th February 2012, 12:50

I am planning to start a DIY sodium chlorite 'trial' at home.
Can anyone tell me where i can buy de ionised water from please?
Also does anyone know if doing this 'trial' would conflict with my current use of Rilutek.

Many thanks!


25th February 2012, 13:53
Hi Zac,

You might find the answer in this thread http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?1041-Oral-sodium-chlorite

25th February 2012, 15:14
Hi Zac, Shouldn't be any conflict with Riluzole as the clinical trial of NP001 in America has participants taking riluzole at the same time. Np001 is primarily Sodium Chlorite. We get de ionised water from our local chemist. Most people are using distilled water. If you are rich you can buy a water deioniser for around 500. Just google to find one for sale. We set off to use distilled water but the chemist offered this which he said would contain less impurities. I give him a contribution to replace his filter from time to time but he makes no charge.


26th February 2012, 17:23
Hi Jeannie and John,
Thanks for your help. I live in Finland now, and can't really get hold of any! Someone suggested to buy the one in the supremarkets that can be used for irons. Not sure how clean this one would be.... I'll keep searching :)


26th February 2012, 17:54
The people using water in the sodium chlorite trial are generally mixing up distilled water sold in motorist discoumt stores for topping up car batteries.I am sure the one sold for irons will be fine. Sodium chlorite is used for amongst other things water purification so it should kill any bacteria present in the water you buy. It should be left for 24 hours before using after mixing up the solution so it should have sterilised itself by then.


25th February 2013, 17:01
Hi Andre,
Yes very wise words from John,when it comes to waterworks or plumbing he is your man,however little experience in swimming pools,
But has a big outdoor pond.

Best wishes


25th February 2013, 19:53
I thought you were the forum's expert on waterworks and drainage systems ? Do you go swimming in your bidet ?


25th February 2013, 20:28
We empty our iron out every week into the swimming pool.

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