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26th February 2012, 23:42
My aunt died yesterday 9 months after diagnosis and after only 3 months in care. For almost six months after being told she had bulbar onset she tried to live a normal life in her own home although she had difficulty speaking and swallowing. In October her condition deteriorated dramatically and following a fall she was admitted to hospital. She had lost a lot of weight and a peg was fitted. At the end of November she was transferred to a Nursing Home. We are stunned at just how quickly she went downhill. From a beautiful, vibrant woman to someone unable to even walk or talk, dependent on tubes, oxygen and catheter, in just a few months. We will remember her as the happy healthy woman she was, before she was taken by this horrible, cruel disease. My heart goes out to everyone diagnosed with this, and to their families, and hope that a cure is found soon.

26th February 2012, 23:51
So sorry to hear of your aunt's passing. Sincere condolences from all the staff and moderators at the Forum.

Best wishes,


27th February 2012, 00:35
My condolences. Every loss to this disease is tragic and I am so sorry.


27th February 2012, 07:33
so sorry for your loss, may she rest in peace

27th February 2012, 09:28

Words do not express it, can only add my sincere condolences on your loss of your aunt, her suffering is over now.

Best wishes to you


hilary walklett
27th February 2012, 10:04
So sorry to read of your loss. Now is the time to start thinking about all the good thngs sge did and all the laughs you had together. She is at peace, now.


27th February 2012, 10:25
So sorry for your very sad loss. Hope your celebration of our aunt's life brings you some comfort.

27th February 2012, 11:04
Hi SB,

I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Words are not enough at times like these.


27th February 2012, 13:17
So sorry for your loss x

28th February 2012, 00:26
Thinking of you, remember the happy times too
take care

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