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3rd March 2012, 21:12
Hey was just wondering if anyone would have any idea why the hospital would send my grandad home when he is still really ill and weak? they have said if he catches one more illness he will die he isnt strong enough to cope with anything anymore and his water infection is still there and now it looks like hes getting a cold already and hes only been out 2 days!! im so scared that they have sent him home to pass on its unreal :( sorry if its abit blunt but just wanted to know what u guys think or if im just being paranoid?? thanks xxx

4th March 2012, 11:52
That doesn't sound right. Did they send him home with any treatment? I'd personally ask GP to see your granddad asap and make a complaint to the hospital.

4th March 2012, 12:00
So would i ask the doctor to call.

4th March 2012, 12:01
Agree with jeannie, But having said that hospitals arnt the best places to be in, maybe they feel its safer for him to be discharged , i was in last year and glad to be out with all the c diff and other infections going around .

4th March 2012, 12:09
well he got a hospital bug while he was there only sickness one and they had to quarantine him and then they said they were transferring him to york hospital and now they have sent him home?!?!?! really confused as to why they have done it but i know my uncle and aunt who care for him are really unhappy and are going to be having words with the hospital....i spoke to him on the phone yesterday and me being one of the only ones who can usually understand him i could make out a word it had me nearly in tears so i know that its way too soon :/ and now with him already poorly and hes not been out long i think they really have made a stupid mistake!! but thanks guys ill ask my uncle to phone GP x

4th March 2012, 12:29
In the meanwhile ensure your granddad drinks or feeding tube lots of cranberry juice. Good luck x

4th March 2012, 19:47
Ask the MNDA to refer to hospice care. Hospitals cannot cope well with MND.

Best wishes


4th March 2012, 21:28
he goes into a hospice once a week and they have nurses coming every so many days to wash him and help out but he really doesnt want to go into a home permanently none of us want that for him either

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