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12th March 2012, 21:09
What do people do to pass the time, I haven't worked for 2 years now and throughout that time even though my arms are useless I have been active and kept busy, but now getting out and about is harder and the days are longer. I have started reading books on the iPad but there's only so long i can do that for and tv is awful, I have 500 channels and am struggling to keep conscious, how do people cope?

13th March 2012, 21:06
I can empathise with this, tv (just got Lovefilm for 6mths for a tenner which streams straight to the telly), internet, kindle n blogging are my main distractions when mrs is at work. A struggling walk to the door n lifting my arm for a fag is my only exercise on these days.

27th July 2012, 07:55
Basically i think that whenever some in life don't have any ambition or aim to do so they feel like they are bore... i m not pin pointing or disrespecting some one i m simply just trying to say that when ever where ever you feel like you are bored you must try to do some productive work and keep yourself busy in it ......
The same was the situation with me once when i had to stay at home for some time but know i keep myself busy at the supported living center with others and try to help them and my time passes very nicely..

29th July 2012, 01:44
my mum read when she could, then listened to music a lot and had friends around
hope you find something that you can enjoy

29th July 2012, 13:23
I find talking books are great at taking my mind off things. My brain has always worked overtime at night when I have a problem and getting into a book soon switches it off. I have only every read what I needed to do something, no fiction. But I have learnt a lot from some of the fiction books as well. They are not the be all but do help. If you have problems with your hands you can get multi players that someone else can load, also remote plug switches can be used to start and stop some tape players.

30th July 2012, 10:48
When I'm bored and cannot sleep I order a takeaway from the local brothel they do food as well

Regards Bob

30th July 2012, 11:21
Morning Bob,

Might know you would lower the tone , And the latest email, Its pretty much like that in the village where we live every day so it wasnt such a suprise lol.


3rd August 2012, 05:54
the whole 6yrs+ of living and struggling with my failing muscles, i have had to cope with this feeling of inadequacy and uselessness. The first 3yrs though i was falling like melting ice-cream, i could still walk and get around, so i set out to complete all the things i meant to do when i retire. Once I've gone through the list i have been flooded with that same feeling again, except my mobility has decreased considerably and my stamina as well. so i have thrown myself into books and movies and a bit of travelling, but somehow it is very hard to completely feel content with the little i do. However going to bed at night without having sustained a fall is a major achievement

3rd August 2012, 10:55
Hi marieline,

reckon your being hard on yourself, just keep doing another day, as long as you get though another one without any harm to yourself, well chalk one up for you, I do know how it feels and can only wish you the best it can be , hope tomorrow is a better day .


15th November 2012, 20:16

Do I detect a note of scynicism in your sympathy there?


16th November 2012, 11:03
Hi Merceed,

I couldn't exist without my laptop and kindle. I play games on my laptop which I find passes the time quickly. I was self-employed and worked a 60 hour week so suffering with MND has changed my life completely.


16th November 2012, 12:45
Morning John,

Yes mate another one pretending to be what they are not, mind you have to admit it passes the time , sad eh !! Pity when the moderators remove the naughtiest they don't take away your replies,because the post means nothing when the subject has been removed .

16th November 2012, 13:30
Hi Pete,
I agree . I seem to remember Robyn removed the commercial link but left the post. That way we look less like rambling idiots.


egee hale
16th November 2012, 16:58
I'm bored but busy because I'm looking for an information about wheelchair to bed transfer, are you familiar with it? please help me.

16th November 2012, 17:21
Hi egee hale,

my O.T has given me a turner, I pull myself up onto the turner with hubby steadying it, he turns it 180 degrees and I lower myself on the edge of the bed.


17th November 2012, 17:40
We alsp have the turning thing and it really is a godsend it goes everywhere with us I take it into hospital with him and most of the staff will use it once I show them how.Ideal if you still have a bit of strength to stand with it

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