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20th March 2012, 19:39
hubby diagnosed very recently .not much movement in both arms but his right hand gets very swollen.any tips to help.have bought him a lightweight sling but hes not putting it on long enough!thankyou x also any tips for relieving stiffness in shoulders ie accupuncture or massages.completely new to all this just want to help him as much as i can as we are still in shock i suppose as originally told he only had a trapped nerve in his neck.good old nhs eh :( waiting for visit from ot and thats all we know really and he starts on riluzole tomorrow. all help very gratefully recieved xx

20th March 2012, 19:51
Sounds like fluid retention causing the swelling which can be caused by lack of mobility or more seriously a heart, liver problem. It's more than likely caused by lack of movement, but probably best to see his GP who will prescribe Diuretics (water pills) if it is fluid. As for the shoulder stiffness try the following range of motion exercises found on this page http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?571-Passive-Range-Of-Motion-Exercises x

20th March 2012, 21:02
Hi I have had exactly the same problem, my gp sent me the local lymphodima nurse who gave me pressure gloves to wear, might be worth askin as I know it can be painful, in the meantime the sling should really help. I also have shoulder pain and I was put in touch with the local hospice they gave the opportunity to go there weekly and have massages there, worth looking into.

21st March 2012, 15:57
we have been told we have been referred there so just hope they dont make us wait too long .will ask about the gloves as well .thankyou xx

21st March 2012, 19:24
My Hubby started with shoulder stiffness - 2 years ago, the swelling for Gary is movement keep arms level with heart (that's what consultant said)....
Massage etc a bonus for the shoulder !!


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