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21st March 2012, 20:25
I have read on the forum somewhere about drugs to try and control anxiety. At present my wife is in a hospice to try and control pain but she is also experiencing extreme anxiety / panic attacks. She has been put on lorazepam but it is not controlling the symptoms. I believe that the doctors are going to try Midazolam but has anyone else had similar experience with this issue. Not trying to tell the docs what to do but have found that the nursing staff are open to any suggestions with respect to trying to help.

Is there any other medication that you have found to help..


Steve :confused:

21st March 2012, 22:50
Hi Steve,

Ask for Neudextra.

Best wishes


22nd March 2012, 01:21
Hi Steve,

I tended to get anxiety attacks my G.P put me on CITALAPRAM 40mg daily which works for me,
hope this helps x Elle x:)

22nd March 2012, 10:03
Just to echo Elle ,I take 40mg of citalapram daily. It's helped me no end and apparently 40mg is still quite a low dose.

22nd March 2012, 15:02
Did not know this was available in UK. Is this the one for emotional lability?
Hi Steve,

Ask for Neudextra.

Best wishes


22nd March 2012, 15:20
Hi Steve

My husband Mark suffered panics followed by anxiety when he used to choke. He used to have Midazolam - sublingual which used to calm him instantly. It is very relaxing and the effects can last a few hours. When his swallowing became non existant he couldn't cope with it in his mouth so we switched to me giving him Midazolam injections - he still has injections at night on occassion if he can't sleep and starts to worry.

Midazolam should be used with caution for people with respiritory conditions - Mark only has Midazolam now if he is on his ventilator - because it is very relaxing.

Mark also takes Diazepam an hour before bed to just take the edge off things before bedtime.

He tried Citalopram for depression/anxiety but it didnt work for him nor did Lorazepam.

I think it can be a case of trial and error but Midazolam certainly is very effective. I believe it is often used as a pre-med drug prior to an operation to relax an anxious patient.

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