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27th March 2012, 00:15
hope all is well
My mum is finding her head really difficult as it is so heavy, she asked today about a head brace. Any tips or feedback re the different head braces available to lift the weight?

My concern is that it takes so many hours to have a bit of fluid intake the head brace could not be worn during fluid consumption as mum needs to tip head forward and really be in a downward looking position to try and drink whereas a head brace would put the head up at the wrong angle.

anyway- any general issues re head braces welcome

27th March 2012, 05:39
Hi I have been looking into these for my husband, thought about plastic surgical collar that they use after accidents. We have tried a foam collar without any success. Not the sort of thing you an wear for long though, but it may ease the pressure for a while.
I think we will make so enquires when we next go to see the neurologist at Oxford. Will post again if we find anything suitable.

27th March 2012, 14:28
Hi Luce,

Your physiotherapist might be the best person to ask especially if she liases with speech therapist.

27th March 2012, 16:05
My wife needed a head brace in the later stages and she was referred to orthotics by her physiotherapist. The guy there was brilliant and provided her with 2 to use when showering. Daytime she had a reclining chair curtesy of MNDA which meant she didn't have to support her head and a tilt in space wheelchair which really transformed her life when it came via the wheelchair centre locally. This latter item will need some pushing (pardon the unintended pun)but there is some news on the mnda website that suggests things may improve.


28th March 2012, 00:15
Thanks all
Will chase it up tomorrow

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