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28th March 2012, 18:18
Hi everyone, i hope your all ok:) so much has changed in the last 6 months for me which has been tough. I will update my blog with more details soon, for now its good to be back ;)

28th March 2012, 19:18
Hi Chris,

Glad you are back! :cool:

Best wishes


28th March 2012, 19:56
Good to hear from you Chris. Sorry that you have had a tough time.

28th March 2012, 20:22
Glad your back Chris,you've been duly missed xxx Ang

28th March 2012, 21:32
Good to see you back Chris! :)

28th March 2012, 21:47
Bloody hell the stranger returns!

Nice to here from you - how's the extension coming on?


28th March 2012, 23:24
Yeah Yeah Yeah...we've seen you swanning about with the footbal team...;) Glad you're back!

Take care


30th March 2012, 18:19
Hi Chris, have missed you, good to see you back on the forum.


31st March 2012, 08:22
Good to have you back, Chris xx

31st March 2012, 11:17
Yo Chris and you Matt, good to hear from you both.


31st March 2012, 12:55
Thanks everybody its good to be back :D
John, the extension was weeks away from completion but my marriage crumbled over the last 6 month then finally fell apart last month! Caring for a mnd sufferer is not for everyone. I am now at my parents awaiting help from local housing.

Can things get any worse lol. Hows things with you?

31st March 2012, 15:30
Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear about your marriage. It is true caring is not for everyone. It was an effort to get my husband to drop down to working 3 days/week - my friend says she thinks he copes by working - he could retire if he wished to. I also accept he needs some social life - he is a member of a mountain rescue team and has other outside commitments. I know he will need these friends when I die but I do wonder how he will cope when I need more care.

From another Chris

31st March 2012, 20:19
I'm so sorry to hear about your marriage, when she didn't come and support you at the AGM last September, together with her flirty images on Facebook I did have my doubts. But all the same it still stinks, and I am really sorry for you.

Keep your chin up mate, we are all thinking of you


31st March 2012, 21:22
So sorry things are such a nightmare.

1st April 2012, 08:24
Sorry about your break up Chris, a similar situation happened to my son after his diagnosis.

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