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3rd April 2012, 21:55
Hi. We are new to the forum as paul's father has been diagnosed with Mnd and its all new to us. Since diagnosis Don has deteriated at a slightly alarming rate. Currently, struggling to get up out of chair/bed unaided. Walking is now shuffling but in the last week struggling to even shuffle. He is choking on liquids now and is eating much. He is currently in local hospital after falling a few times in a matter of days. Any advice and support greatly appreciated. Many thanks

3rd April 2012, 22:05
Hi Paul & liza

Welcome to the forum, Its very difficult to offer any useful advice ,only try to answer questions we have encountered ourselves, As you might have read in other posts it seems to affect us all in very different ways , No two having identical issues at the same time, You do not mention what type it is that Don has been diagnosed with , I can well understand and know the eating and drinking issues, so if we can help Ask away

Cheers Both


3rd April 2012, 23:14
So sorry Paul and Lisa, you are having a really hard time. Don't know what support you have but contacting MNDconnect would be a good start.
You certainly are in a stressful state and need what help is out there. The forum is a wealth of expertise so ask away.There is an abundance do empathy and support as well so ask away. send as many posts as you need to and you will get advice.
Take care


4th April 2012, 00:00
Hi paul&liza -

So sorry that you have found yourselves in this situation, but you're in a good place for information, advice and support from others in a similar position to your own. Magic's advice to contact MND Connect is well founded - they are a goldmine of help and advice and always ready to lend a listening ear when needed. Click on the MND Connect tab at the top of this page to visit their web page which carries full details about availability, contact numbers, email etc.

Good luck with everything and if you need help with any of the forum facilities etc, please contact myself or any of the moderators or, indeed, Robyn, who is the forum coordinator based at Northampton.

Best wishes,


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