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17th April 2012, 21:57
My dad was diagnosed with MND at the beginning of this year but since has had a rapid deterioration. A few weeks ago he was able to lift himself and pull his underwear up but now it takes both me and Mum to lift him and assist him. We have been researching aids to help him and Mum would like to know if anybody has any experiences with self raising toilet seats? Would they be any help to a MND sufferer? If not, is there another equipment that anyone could recommend?

Any responses and help will be much appreciated.

Thank you :)

18th April 2012, 19:43
My mum uses the closomat toilet with a riser- it is amazing-stands her up and puts her down on the loo. she would not be able to self toilet without it. drying takes a while, mum has a stash of flannels on the back of the loo for drying (not washing). Infra red switch as she could not activate the pad to flush it. She has MND (PBP).

If you are eligible for a disabled facilities grant then it should be funded under that
kind regards


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