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19th April 2012, 19:51
Hi all,

I just want to let other users on the Forum know who haven't used Dragon software before and maybe considering asking for this or buying it that I have just had this installed on my computer at home by the adult communications team based at Canterbury Hospital and have really found this helpful. Although I'm not too bad at the moment I can't feel my little fingers and lost the ability to touch type, no i'm not showing off! I asked my O/T about what could be done as computing plays a huge part in my home and work life. She referred me to a communications therapist based in East Kent. I had a home assessment and suggested i give Dragon software a go.

So far I have found that once you get used to using the dictation and the commands it's really easy software to use and I am able to use it with Microsoft Office and all my other programs such as iTunes and as Adobe Photoshop. It seems to work with quite well with. But, I have noticed that you need to really pay attention and correct when he makes a mistake otherwise it seems to just do what it wants to do as it has learnt your voice!

I've also been finding it really hard to type due to the twitches in my hands and unable to use a conventional mouse so the therapist also brought along an extendable mouse making the clicks out of reach which I find really helpful. I'm waiting for the software to come to use on my Apple Mac along with the same USB Bluetooth headset. I know it is quite costly piece of software as I asked the therapist how much this has cost the trust. She said it's approximately 100, so I can understand someone who maybe worried spending that kind of money and it not working out. I'll let other uses know how easy it is to use on that just in case you like me use Apple Mac's. The package I been supplied with comes with a Bluetooth headset and I understand it will last for approximately 8 hours use, which I didn't think was particularly bad. The other thing I've noticed is unable to play music with the software without too many problems and it affecting the dictation or the commands. I don't think you need to be particularly technically minded or even PC literate to use the software.

I was told and am not sure how true this is with each area but if I lived in a different part of Kent I probably would not have got the support seems a bit of a postcode lottery! However, I do hope others who are looking at possibly buying the software will find this feedback useful. Over the years I've used varying amounts of software from desktop publishing to word processing and other specialised programs. I have found it is a very easy program to get to grips with so I'm pretty sure others would find it beneficial.


20th April 2012, 23:29
Hi I am pleased you find it useful

I have it for RSI, however as you say it does learn your voice. If your voice changes with MND then it would be impossible to use. It depends what type you have (eg my mum has PBP and her voice was her first symptom so it changed very quickly so dragon would not have been any good).

But if your voice is OK for now, live in the present and use it. I can do 153 words a minute with dragon

take care


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