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20th April 2012, 19:44
Hi everyone, Mick has asked me to ask the question ?
Does anyone else struggle to part the ways so to speak ?
And if so how have they helped improve matters?
He does drink peppermint tea but nothing seems to be helping ,Any suggestions ?
Thanking you in advance hoping for a great reponse LOL xxx Ang

20th April 2012, 20:05
Hi ang

I dont know for sure but the doc put me on omeprazole not for the burps , but found that they did ease a lot after taking it , and i want to know why when the grandaughter sits there and fills her nappy and not quiet about it everyone laughs , if i do it i get serious stick ,life aint fair
hope that helps in some way



21st April 2012, 16:06
Thanks Pete

Will ask doc about it, and see how he goes xx Ang

21st May 2012, 21:33
Hi Arg;
I still have trouble myself, I was advised to change from Fibregel and Lactouse to Movilec to help out. I think it made a little improvement in the production of wind but did not make it easier at all to get rid of it, I think it made it worse.
I have found the best way is to use the enema function on my Bio Bidet, this opens the bowels and eventually releases the gases. The other thing is movement and trying to make it easier for the gases to escape by opening the area. If you can, let the wind go whenever you can, but this is awkward as it often when someone is washing or drying you.
We all now certain things we eat effects what comes out.
Hope this advice blows you away, regards Terry

22nd May 2012, 19:30
Well Terry you certainly brought a smile to my face and it wasn't wind LOL
We have an electric hoist recently fitted in the living room since my last post so hoist him up there and let it out so to say,so you are right movement helps. xx Ang

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