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23rd April 2012, 12:24
I've never really sure where and which posts to ask questions on so I am going to ask one here.

I am the daughter in law of a loveyl gentleman, who was formally dx in Dec last year, he is 70. He has lost his 2 younger brothers to this illness and now he is going down this journery. I was wondering if there is very much research or knowledge into the illness and if and how it can run in families? I do think about my husband and then we have 2 boys also. They are a very ssshhh family and keep everything inside. But as a very positive person, you do have to take each day at a time and tackle it, deal with it and smile at least once a day!

You are all very insprational on here and it has now become by daily task of checking the forums and anything that can help, I then make the suggestion at home!

thanks again and good wishes to all

Robyn Copley-Hirst
23rd April 2012, 13:05
Hi Beryl,

Don't worry about finding the right place to ask anything on the forum - if it would ever be better placed elsewhere one of our moderators or myself will move it for you and then make sure you knew where to find it. I've moved this for you but do let me know in a message if you need anything else and if everything is ok.

You may find this link useful (http://www.mndassociation.org/research/what_causes_mnd/how_much_of_mnd_is_inherited/index.html) if you haven't already seen it, and our Connect advisors are always happy to discuss these issues on the phone on 08457 626262.

I'll leave other members to give you their own views or experiences dealing with this question, but I hope you find the above useful.

Best Wishes,


4th May 2012, 10:29
Beryl my mum died 9 weeks ago after 14 yrs of this wicked disease. I have my sister and I, I have four kids, my sister has three and to be honest I don't want to know if I may or may not get it, it will be like waiting for a time bomb to go off. I have heard in some families yes it can happen and in others it don't, I hope I fall into the ones that don't.xxx

4th May 2012, 12:44
I thought for a moment that this was my daughter in law writing and [apart from the two brothers] every comment mirrors me and my family!. The boys [4 and 6] are to have a brother/sister in Nov and obviously the same thought has crossed their mothers' mind. All I can say is that my Consultant pooh poohs the idea of the children being at risk. I wish you and your father in law well.

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