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24th April 2012, 14:12
Hi Everyone,

We have a hospital bed coming this week for Rob and therefore we will have a profiling bed frame going spare for someone with MND who could make use of it. We bought it secondhand but it had very little use before we got it and its in perfect working order. It is a good quality metal slatted mechanism with independent electric head and foot adjustment. It is a 3ft wide and will take a normal single mattress - we have been using memory foam which seems best for this type of bed. It has a fabric covered frame with beech feet and there is room to slide a hoist under the bed once it is up. We have found it absolutely invaluable in managing Rob's condition and for getting a good night's sleep.

As the MNDA paid for this bed I would love to give it to someone with MND who could make use of it. Therefore it is free to collector, with only transport costs to pay for. We live in Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Bear in mind that it is heavy and will take a minimum of two strong people to move it. First come first served. Contact me on my home email if you are interested:



27th April 2012, 18:46
How thoughtful, thanks Sue. I am sure it will come in handy for someone x

27th April 2012, 20:23
Sue - if you have not yet had any takers, it might be worth offering it through your local branch of MNDA who will have contacts with people who may not access the forum. I do hope someone can benefit from your kind offer.

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