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18th January 2011, 17:56
Going back to October 2010, 3 months after my dx my head was still in pieces and one big thing swimming round was "work" . I just didnt know what to do about it, wheather to carry on as long as possible or to retire due to health and do as many fun,exciting and enjoyable things as i could till i am housebound. Family and friends just wanted me to call it a day, but its a hader decision than most people would think.
So i decided to get outside opinions.
I have been a member of a fishing forum for quite some time and thought i would get a few opinions off them guys. I posted a brief description of my situation and how i was after a bit of outside advice, which i got plenty of and turned out to be very helpful. Obviously a few questions came back as to what my "illness" was. I was a bit dubious at first to say what it was but in the end i gave in after a couple of MS sufferers on there thought it was that. The responce was very supportive, the guys on there are a great bunch.
Anyway the thread fizzled away and banter and laughs carried on as normal.
Then on the 17th of December i recieved this private message=

I read your thread a few months ago about the desicion you were facing about quiting work and it really got me thinking. I wanted to do something to help so I did a run around tatton park 10 times a few weeks ago to raise some money.
It took me 9 hours to complete the run and ive raised a few hundred pounds and have a little more to collect. when ive got it all I will get it to you to spend as you see fit. ( maybe a fishing holiday!!)
hope this will help a bit.

There was also full contact details included.

Now what do you say to something like that? I was stunned and didnt know what to say, is this a wind up? no cant be surely? why would someone do this for a person they have never spoken to or met before?
I checked his profile out and looked at previous posts, he had commented on the thread i started in October and all seemed genuine. After a day or two i sent a txt message to the number left in the private message, got a responce almost straight away telling me all hte details and how he just wanted to do something to help. This is just Unbelievable, i never even thought their were people out there that would do stuff like this. Contact has been continuous upto today, asking where id like to meet, have a drink and give me the money he has raised. I go on sunday with a friend to meet this guy and his wife. The amount he has raised is a lot more than stated in the PM, im just gobsmacked. What do i say at all?
Ive not decided what i would do with the money as i dont feel i deserve it! I never posted on the forum to get financial support, or any support really, just advice.

Like the heading says "This just doesnt happen! but then again.........". There are some truley amazing people out there we just dont hear about.

I will post an update after the meeting.

18th January 2011, 19:36
It is truly amazing how unselfish and generous people can be especially those whom you have never met. This guy deserves massive credit, I can't imagine how far he ran to take 9hrs as well!!.

Also, I can empathise with the 1st half of the post, I am around your age and am going through the same decision making process with regard retiring. A small portion of me says keep at it to keep busy whereas, the rest says retire and spend time with family doing all those things never had time for before. Especially, as you say, before it robs us of the physical option to do certain things. If you are prepared to share it, I would be interested in what decision you arrived at regarding work.

18th January 2011, 19:54
Tatton park is a rather big place, to run round it for 9hrs is unbelievable, im really looking forward to meeting him!

To be honest mate im still working 20 hours a week at the minute. Things are getting tougher at work, so after my wedding i will be making some changes!

19th January 2011, 10:18
Blimey, that really doesn't happen very often! But how nice of this guy to want to do something for someone he's never met before.

24th January 2011, 19:15
I went yesterday to meet the guy and his family, truely lovely people and extreamly gratefull for what they have done.

24th January 2011, 19:18
That's a fantastic story!
Why not ask if he wants to join the local group?

24th January 2011, 19:23
The meeting was quite short and tried not to talk too much about the doom n gloom of this desease, it was mainly just a general chat (this didnt stop my gf getting upset)
We are hoping to meet again soon and i will put the idea to him Rog.

Z3 Driver
26th January 2011, 17:41
Chris what an amazing story, there are still some genuine great people out there.

As for work im still at it, i started a new job in Oct so still not sure whats going to happen.got my diagnosis in dec. Im sure they will support me, but i still need an income and not sure how much i would be entitled to living off the state. Im thinking i will work for the near future then see how fast i deteriorate. its a tough choice to make.

I am an active forum member on Zroadster.net and this is my thread on there when i told them the news.


27th January 2011, 21:49
It really is a tough choice mate and not one you would expect to be making at our age! unless you won lotto lol.
The support from your forum members is great to see, i bet you have some excellent socials!

Z3 Driver
28th January 2011, 22:11
we do Chris and its not just the cars. winning the lotto now would be just typical of how my life has gone. ;-).
At least the reds are on the up and King Kenny has got them playing, and even spending a few quid i see, just hope torres stays.
Take care mate

29th January 2011, 01:22
torres will stay pal, at least till summer ;) things are on the up!

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