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1st May 2012, 13:59
Hi all;

I have noticed recently, because Im less active, that when I get cold or cooler my condition feels worse, restrictions on movement-more leg shaking ect-I also find that when I get stressed have the same effect, wondered if anyone else finds the same. recently went to the john radclffe to have the NCS and EMG tests completed(bundle of laughs that was Not)
and was fed back the results today at the royal berks hostpital today by the neuro doctor who conducted the intial clinical diagnoses on the 19th march who I have to say has treated me with the utmost consideration on both occasions that we
have met.I now am waiting for OT department to see me tommorow I see from some of your posts I need to be carefull.
Since my diagnosis I have been busy filling in forms, selling my beloved motorcycle and stuff on ebay-its past the time,
whilst the weather been poor( polite way of putting it) like everyone else looking forward to some sunshine.

speak to you soon


1st May 2012, 22:23
Hi Roy,

Yes to all you have said , me too find the same with regard to the cold and yes stress makes it a whole lot worse , The forms are just a nightmare and you might need help for some , I found the OTs very good but they do try to viisualiize the future so dont be to shocked at some things they may suggest , to date luckily I have still to endure much that others have to deal with daily , And yes the weather sucks, and if i hear one other tell me its the wrong sort of rain , i am going to drown them in it , Must be the same crew who say that about the leaves on Railway lines and snow that stops traffic because its and inch deep. Hang in there mate


2nd May 2012, 14:33
Ello Roy,

So far this winter and spring i have avoided having a cold, but we are not out of the woods yet. Last winter when i had a cold i felt that i went down hill. What i seem to have found out since i had my blood pressure taken upteen times before Chrstmas. In January i was put on blood pressure pills. Now since i have been taking them, i can no longer walk the lengh of my lounge with a frame. I feel weaker, my ankles have swollen, i have more back pain than i used to although i do have Spondylothesis of the spine, (not sure how to spell it, but i know what i mean) i also have bleeding gums.
Then my wife look at the the list of side effects on the paper that comes with the pills, and all what i have are the side effects. I went back to the GP and he gave me a different make, but the side effects are just the same. I do not take any now as they were killing me faster than the MND. I would rather take my chances, if i have a stroke i hope it will be a big one.

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