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19th January 2011, 12:36
Had a look around the forum and couldn't find anything, so apologies if this thread has already happened.
When we found out about my dx, we put a piece of A4 paper on the fridge and started adding things we want do / had planned to do in later life. Has anyone else done this and what interesting things have you done / wish to do?

A flavour of some of our bigger ideas!! :

Being a petrol head I've always wanted a porsche, so my other half did the next best thing and bought me a porsche driving day which I shall be doing as soon as the weather warms up :-)

Do a hot air balloon ride.

Walk on hot coals (prob do this as a charity / awareness raising project now)

Do Disneyland, (for the little un honestly) ;) and go on the skyway over the grand canyon!

Take more photos / videos of family

Get married....

the list is growing !!

19th January 2011, 13:12
Good idea for a thread Adie :)

There's no thread been done on the subject thus far, so you're the first to suggest it.

19th January 2011, 17:38
I like it Adie :) At the min we have no such list due to us being a little over 3 weeks away from doing the last thing on your list! This has taken a lot out of us, especially my gf and jugling organising that, aswel as daily challenges with this lovely disease, its difficult to do anything else.
Taking my daughter to Disney World is a must ;)
I too like cars mate and did a rally driving day in a subaru and 4x4 off roading, it was awsome! you will no doubt have a great day mate.

Jacqui Priestley
19th January 2011, 18:59
I want to take my husband to New York & Florence & maybe a cruise but nothing booked yet. We did have a canal boat holiday in the summer on the River Avon through the Bruce Wake Charitable Trust (with adapted narrow boats for wheelchair users). That was great fun. Even my lads enjoyed it, despite having no internet connection, no TV, no PS3!!

Also want to organise the photos & make sure I record memories of the kids for prosperity - could do with an army of assistants for that. Nothings been put in an album for the last 10 years!!

Anyone tried visiting Florence in a wheelchair?

Jacqui Priestley
19th January 2011, 19:03
Forgot to mention - am going up in a 4-seater aircraft in May. Always wanted to! Then there's catching up with long lost friends. Funny how everything now seems so urgent & you wonder why you never got round to it before.

19th January 2011, 20:15
Cool, I like the sound of a small aircraft as I've only been in the big jets, I imagine they're much more interesting :-). It's an interesting point about catching up with people you haven't seen for ages, it's something that I want to do but feel a bit self conscious with respect of explanations when the usual 'how are you' comes up.... It has however amazed me though how the grapevine works and people from far afield have heard about the situation. What the old adage?, good news travels fast, bad news faster!!

Good luck with your wedding day Chris, I hope you all have a fabulous day :-).

Just remembered we're off to see Take That in the summer. Not my choice I promise!!, the missus loves 'em

29th June 2011, 21:33
Ticked off two of these... drove the Porsche today n getting married in August!!


29th June 2011, 21:59
Do them quick as some of you know I spent a fortune on my motorhome I have used it once and now I'm too weak to use it now, so I have to sell it now - hassle I don't need



29th June 2011, 22:06
I'm so sorry to hear you're having to get rid John, I know from before how excited you were about this. My heart really goes out to you.

29th June 2011, 22:52
Good luck with the wedding G60dubber, LOL that in my opinion should have been first on your list ha ha,love the photo glad you enjoyed it xxAng

29th June 2011, 22:56
It's taken nearly 16yrs for the wedding.... no point rushing it ;-) other half wouldn't agree though......

30th June 2011, 17:38
Good luck with the wedding mate, better late than never :) i am sure you will enjoy it as much as driving the porsche, well almost lol

30th June 2011, 19:26
lol, least the porsche does what I want when I put my foot down ;-).

Got to decide what cars to use for the wedding, missus will have a Range Rover HSE, I want something cool but don't know what.... I fancy a Vantage or an R8, just need to find someone that has one :-(.

Thought about putting 'just married' n the cans on the back of the scooter n drive off from the reception lol

30th June 2011, 19:34
I had a bently, very nice car! The scooter idea sounds cool,environment friendly :)

30th June 2011, 23:08
Boys and their toys LOL you both make me laugh, wouldn't it be good if we had a proper chat hear were we could interact online ? xx Ang

Ange M
5th July 2011, 18:54
Glad to see you got to drive the porche and congratulations on your forth coming wedding.

John so sorry to hear about the motorhome.
I really do empathise with you guys when you have to give up the vehicles you so love.
When Steve sold his pride and joy, I also sold mine to stop the pain of him seeing them in the garage.

Ange xxx

5th July 2011, 20:53
Just found out a friend of a friend will pick me up in his Ferrari for the wedding :-)
I hear what you're saying Ang, I'm procrastinating about selling my pocket rocket summer car, but know it's gotta go soon :-(

6th July 2011, 13:41
Great news about the wedding and glad to hear the Porsche drive has happened. Several years ago I had a drive around Silverstone as a birthday treat - loved it!

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