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3rd May 2012, 14:55
my mum has MND and is not able to access a wheelchair to help her get out and about. Does anyone have any suggestions about how we can speed up the process or information on what sort of wheelchair would be suitable if she were to buy one.
Thanks Julie

Robyn Copley-Hirst
3rd May 2012, 16:23
Hi Julie,

The first port of call for you would always be your local wheelchair services and OT. Your local services would not only look at the need now but also likely progression and adaptations going forward.

Of course you can buy a wheelchair, but it would still be recommended that an assessment took place to make sure that the specific model met your mum's personal needs and comfort.

If you went through you8r local services and they had a set waiting list time in place - or gave you an indicatio and this just felt far too long, there may be ways we can support you as an Association locally.

We do have some wheelchair partnerships in some areas, but not all as yet. There may also be a way for an RCDA (Regional Care Development Advisor) to help get things moving on your behalf, or Connect are happy to do this if this is not available in your area.

I'm not sure of what area you're in, or if you desire the help of the MND Association in this, but the offer of support is always there. You can call Connect on 08457 626262 or email mndconnect@mndassociation.org to discuss your own personal circumstances privately and confidence if you wish.

That said, there's a lot to be said for personal experiences so I'll leave this to the forum members, but with the reminder that the Association is there to support you and your mother if this would be of use to you.

3rd May 2012, 18:33
Thanks for reply. I will contact local services as suggested and try to determine how long the wait will be and maybe come back to other suggestions if it will be a long time.
Thanks again.

4th May 2012, 00:04
If they tell you it is a long wait then i suggest that you pester them as there are some delays that could be avoidable
kind regards

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