View Full Version : a bit slow in unravelling the codes

6th May 2012, 08:51
;) I get a bit anxious, not know when i am supposed to post something and whom to ask questions pertinent to MND.
But it has given me to learn more about the illness and how it manifest itself differently .
thank you

6th May 2012, 11:21
Hi marieline,

Sorry for the circumstances that have brought you here, but it's good that you've found the forum because it's a gold-mine of useful information and mutual help from the other folks on here.

Don't worry about 'when to post', you're free to ask questions of the 'assembly' - ie. whoever is online at the time - although it might take a few days to compile a series of answers to your question as people come on at different times and on different days.

And as far as comments are concerned, just add your opinion wherever you feel you can make a positive contribution, because others here are waiting for responses to their own queries, so your experiences can help others as much as they can help or advise you.

As for the 'mechanics' of the forum, if you're uncertain about anything, please ask Robyn, the forum coordinator, or any of the moderators for help and we'll do what we can to get you rolling again.

Best wishes,


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