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13th May 2012, 13:19
Hello everybody, thought I would update you all on how things were going with my dad who was admitted to Stoke hospital on 10/05/2012 for the PEG insertion.
10/05/2012 - call to the bed manager who tells us to come in at 6pm and his bed will be ready.We arrive at 6pm only to be waiting 6 hours and 30 minutes for a bed, the family leave at 1.15am when he is settled.
11/05/2012 - the day of the PEG insertion, the op is booked for 2.30pm. Although staff tell you visiting hours are between 2.30pm - 8pm, they allow you to come and go all day if you want to, I arrived at the hospital at 6.30am on 11/05/2012 and spent my time trying to distract my dad while his anxiety levels were through the roof, 4 medical professionals had to explain the procedure to him as he was so nervous about gagging. Everybody was really good in trying to relax him and Ellen the specialist was brilliant with him - honest but reassuring.
11/05/2012 - My dad went down to theatre at 4.19pm and was out at 4.39pm. Very quick and he came out snoring his head off (this may be because I requested to give him as much sedation as possible)!!! He then woke around 5.30pm and was quite drowsy, we visited for a few hours and went home later that night. Between 11pm - 12pm a feed was put through and this went fine.
12/05/2012 - My dad was in a lot of pain and discomfort the following day, however the nurse had warned him that it would feel tender for a few days after. There was no bleeding so the dressing could be taken off today. My dad had to be topped up with painkillers and needed a rest. Family got home at 10pm and I called the ward at 11pm to ensure they were keeping an eye on him!
TODAY - my dad has just been informed by Dr Hussain that he can be discharged - yay! I am at home today but will be going to my parents to ensure he has everything he needs for his return, my mom and brother have been with my dad since early this morning. The nurses will train them how to use the syringe and pump for the PEG and he can then go home.

Overall the experience has not been as bad as I expected, my dad also said the procedure wasnt as bad as he expected, he felt scratches at the back of the throat when the camera went down but apart from that not too bad. I can honestly say the nursing staff have been excellent, they are attentive and understanding. They did not mind family coming and going at all hours of the day and even fed and watered us too!! I could type forever about how wonderful they were, the admission was the only critism.

Thanks again for listening and reassuring me last week - anyone who is due to have a PEG please feel free to ask away xx

13th May 2012, 14:38
Hello Paris thanks for the update on your dad.You have been in my thoughts a lot over the past few days.Glad to hear everything went well apart from the admission that is.Your dad will be feeling so much better once hes home and recovering I dont know him but just give him a big hug from me and John and tell him well done xxxIrene and John xxxxx

13th May 2012, 18:32
Hi paris,

Chufffed to bits for you all and wish Your dad a speedy recovery from the op, from me and the wife, and to thank you for a really good post , that will not only help others who have to go for the (PEG) sooner or later , I include myself in that list ? but also allay the fears we might feel , so wishing you all the best .


Pete& Lynne

13th May 2012, 19:07
Good to have the Update from you Paris. Have been thinking of your Dad and glad the procedure went well.

13th May 2012, 19:45
Excellent news ;) I am so pleased it went well. Thank you for the update, I'm sure it will give peace of mind to others.

14th May 2012, 18:01
I had a RIG inserted 30 March at Addenbrookes hospital. A PEG is inserted from inside the stomach and a RIG is done from the outside. The procedure went very well and there have been no complications. For the past ten days I have been fed by electronic pump overnight. This is going very well and is now my preferred method.

I was against having a feeding tube until quite recently, when I realised that if I could not maintain my weight I was going to lose the battle. The PEG/RIG can extend your life considerably, so when advised you will need it just go for it. It's no big deal and the proceedure is simple.


14th May 2012, 18:37
John has never looked back hes a bit tired today hes got a chest infection again so hes had a day in bed propped up half sleeping half watching tv.Hes had a feed going through all day cos he felt quite drained Irene xxx

14th May 2012, 18:46
Hi irene,

Your john loves them chest infections, ?? wish him well from us both and hope he gets over it quickly.

pete & lynne XXXX

15th May 2012, 14:31
Hi Pete I think John just likes attention haha................he is much improved this morning and we did manage a better sleep last night.Dont know why he keeps getting them so often.But he fights his way through and thats the main thing.He was in the army for 22 years never a days illness in all that time then all this happened but he always used to tell the young soldiers unless you are dying get out of bed and get on with life and thats what he does he will never give up.xxxx Irene xxxx

15th May 2012, 16:00

Glad to hear he is on the mend , mind you i think your right ???? your John is very similar to my brother john , he seems to be going through a bad patch lately much the same as your john , my brother has not got MNd but has quite bad COPD caused by working on the railways i guess when they where steamers , breathing in coal dust for a good few years.


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