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16th May 2012, 20:02
Does anybody use leg supports in bed as I have started to suffer with excruiating heel pain in the night,I am using a couple of cushions under my calves at the moment which helps.I have seen these 2 foot long moulded leg supports at 60.00 each so don't want to buy the wrong thing if they give you sores whatever.

Warmest Regards Bob

17th May 2012, 10:20
Hi Bob. Will your OT offer advice and the relevant items to relieve your pain?

18th May 2012, 19:21
Hi miranda, thanks for your reply, yes I was shown a catalogue with pictures of them,but was told unfortunately we do not supply them.
or in other words hard luck mate buy em yourself. We are going to get a couple of memory foam pillows and if these don't work we can always use them for our heads.

Warmest Regards Bob the eternal totter X

18th May 2012, 22:34

Mick has sheepskin bootees for feet and now elbow pads too and they definitely work and before we had the pressure mattress we also used a slim wedge cushion under his calves, again covered in sheepskin cover to just before his foot end which kept his feet off the mattress. I remember his face when he first saw the bootees LOL and now he won't be without them. Don't know why sheepskin works but it does. Hope that helps. Ang xx

18th May 2012, 23:21
Irene used a foam wedge with a padded cover which we bought from Lidl for about a 5 and it suited her fine. It had a moulded curve in it and she found it excellent. She never had any kind of pressure sores.


19th May 2012, 18:40
thanks everybody for your replies,Pat bought a couple of memory foam pillows today so we shall see.

Warmest Regards Bob

Trouse Moore
4th September 2012, 12:00
Pressure cushions are also a good option for you, as they have air pressure technology and can overcome the negatives of the simple types of cushions available in the market. I think till now you got some relief from your pain, but if not then just go for these cushions as well.

4th September 2012, 13:00
Try contacting the district nurse. I have thick jelly type squares?dermapads to rest heels on. DN will want to check you"re not developing pressure sores.

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