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18th May 2012, 13:40
Social Services, My OT came to see me and was concerned as i was sleeping in my rise and recline chair. The OT rang from our Bungalow and ordered a profile bed with a pressure matress. The OT then gave my wife a number on a card to ring the next day to see when it would be delivered.

The next day my wife rang the number on the card to see when my bed would be delivered, and they asked my a barrage of questions.
1, Can we park outside.
2, Are there any steps
3, what obstacles
4, Are there dogs in the house
5, Are there stairs
6, Is there a bed in there, to which my wife said yes. My wife asked if he could help move the old bed out. He replied that he could not as he was not insured.
We could not find anyone to help move the old bed out, so my wife did it on her own. So much for 'Ealth and Safety.

A few years ago the social services turned up and said that i need 3 handrails leading into my toilet. We said if we get them would social services fit them, they told us they would. We bought them next day and rang them, social services said we will let you know when we have a man to come out and fit them.
Social service rang back and said that they could not fit for 'Ealth and Safety' reasons. I asked whose 'Ealth and Safety' mine or theirs, they said theirs. I asked why? They said because they did not supply them. So a friend fitted them for me. So 'Ealth and Safety does not apply in the home for those that need it, only those that are supposed to do it but can't because of 'Ealth and Safety.
Rant over, now i feel better.

18th May 2012, 16:10
Hi Derek,
Hope you feel better for that,I'm afraid GB have followed USA into where there is blame there is a claim,unfortunately common sense and doing the right thing have been long forgotten.hey Derek we sound like a pair of missersble old gits.

Take care.


18th May 2012, 16:21
Not miserable old gits - just people who know when ealth & safety rules make no sense and when good old fashioned common sense is the best option.

18th May 2012, 22:10

I must be lucky. One Sunday night I could only manage 4 steps to go to bed - another 13 to go. Husband made me a bed on sofa and next morning couldn't stand - too low. District nurses came and helped me up at 11am and ordered profiling bed which arrived about 2pm same day.When I needed a grab rail for toilet downstairs [literally down two steps ] ot from social services contacted Age uk and they came to fit it .Good communication and co-operation here.

21st May 2012, 10:14
Ello everyone,

I know we sound like a couple of miserable ole git's, but we are not really are we Roy. Like miranda says it is just common sense. I do have a good team here in E. Sussex. It was just this Ealth and Safety nonsense. The guy that delivered the bed and put it together was in his thirties, very beefy chap, (well 'ard with earings). It seems so stupid that my wife who is 65 years old, and she is my carer, saving this government an enormous amout of money, had to move a bed out on her own, because they did not want their man to strain himself.
Must not rant anymore, i've got it off my chest now. Life is to short to be miserable 'enn it Roy.

Nice to hear you have a good team Jonesy. I don't like calling you Jonesy as you are a GP. I have a lot of respect for Doctors......Derek

21st May 2012, 19:12

Am off the medical register now and incapable of anyone in an emergency. Just call me Chris.

24th May 2012, 09:26
Hi All,

Reading your posts ,reminded me of how my job went downhill with the HSE guys sticking there noses in , For twenty odd years working up ladders was an everday thing, as part of my job, but you can guess there where accidents on sites ,and due to the stupidity of the ones using the ladders mainlly, But apart from the genuine ones a pretty safe way really , that led to the HSE , and from then on ,we first had to go for two days on training on how to ascend and descend a ladder ???, and then secure it ?? for the life of me i do not know who wrote the course notes ,,,,but it wasnt a guy who had ever been up ladders??, We all listened and tutted a lot thinking what a load of rubbish , and then we where given a new set of safety ladders , They proved to be so heavy due in part to all the various bits retro fitted to them that several engineers suffered back problems lifting them onto the roof of there vehicles, a good start ? , Short steps ladders where alwayys used everyday , but these where also deemed dangerous now , and we had to use podium steps , and hop ups , ( a small benchlike thingy about 15 inches high , this led to several blokes forgetting they where working on it and tumbling in a heap that lead two a few broken arms and ankles over a period , So agree with you Derek, the whole HSE would be quite good if it was used with a decent amount of good old common sense , but alas it isnt and now you wonder why everything costs so much, due largely to all the new safety equip they have to use , Sorry to say it but the Worlds gone mad , we are led by a bunch of individuals who claim to know it all and really dont know much , only how to make things more difficult and a whole lot more expensive for those wanting work done to there homes and cars etc,

Moan over for now ,Hope your all ok ,well as good as it can be .


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