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21st May 2012, 17:14
For about a year now, I have been trying to get the Mnda to run a web site similar to freecycle. The idea being that no longer needed items could be advertised and given nationally to people with Mnd.
Their problem seems to be with risk of being prosecuted If items are faulty.
I can understand this but ebay and freecycle seem to do it without a problem. I have been to the spring meetings and other branch meeting where I have been offered equipment, and I am sure that there is a lot of things out there.
I would like comments and possibly help in getting a web site up and running to help Mnda sufferers with second hand equipment. It would also take some of the financial burden on the Mnda to provide equipment.
Regards Terry

28th May 2012, 09:39
Great idea!!!

Not sure whether I will be able to help at this point in time (as I run my own business and also help care for my uncle with MND) but I think it is a brilliant idea. Could the website not include a statement stating that it is up to the receiver of the goods to ensure that they are not faulty and that no claims could be brought against MNDA for faulty goods. I am sure this is something Freecycle do somewhere.


28th May 2012, 15:27
Very nice to get your reply J355;
I thought that I was on my own and no one else thought it was worthwhile. The web site would have to include a set of rules and a way of verifying that the receiving person has Mnd but I am sure that this would be fairly easy. I have contacted Freecycle but did not get very far. They are for all people in local groups. Regards Terry

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