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31st May 2012, 13:43
Hi guys,
just read in the Irish Times about the breakthrough regarding MND, but does anyone know what this means ? Can we look forward to some sort of breakthrough in treatment ?

31st May 2012, 15:40
Hi Alan,a thread started on this yesterday in research and trials under looks promising by paul uk and it does look promising ave a butchers

Cheers Bob

31st May 2012, 17:17
Hello Bob,

saw the article and have been in touch with Prof Prehn. He informs that there is a drug that is being tested now, Dexpramipexole (easier to type than say). But they need at least 2 years to develope and test a drug for their lastest breakthrough.
Still itīs something to be optomistic about.

1st June 2012, 16:03
Hi Alan, there are people on this forum that are on this trial,if you put dexpramipexole in search box at the top it will take you to the threads.
Also an interesting site to look at is ALSTDI forum there's a buzz on the latest treatment NORMAST which is very interesting.

Regs. Bob

8th June 2012, 13:26
Hi Alan;
Alan is a strange name for a Icelandic person. I guess there are not many people with Mnd there.
There are huge advances in the rate of research by using computers, stem cell and fish swimming technology.
I was in Reykjavik about 32 years ago, I travelled around Iceland on my motorbike. It was a amazing holiday, meeting quite a few Icelandic people there as I was by myself and had trouble. They helped me repair my broken sump when I tried to navigate a lava flow on my bike. I had two of the native dishes, played chess and was given a roof. It was just after the Cod war but there was no hostility towards me.
Memories, Terry

12th June 2012, 11:20
Hello Terry,
you are correct, Alan is not Icelandic, I moved over here in 1984 and have lived here more or less since. I am originally from the Wirral but ended up over here on my way to the US. Now have a wfie and 4 kids. Great to hear from someone who has been over here.
Take care, Alan

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