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31st May 2012, 21:13
Hi we have just had a fixed ceiling hoist fitted i have coped for a year with a stand hoist,but my husband who i am his only
carer is 15stone and 6ft and i am 5ft and a little lighter am not sure how i will cope with the sling and how to move my husband to get him into the sling when he cannot move his legs or arms, oh by the way i ve had the 10 min training from the o t any tips would be welcome ,actually i m 3stone lighter .


1st June 2012, 06:31
Hi petal,

I cannot help you on this ,but i know a man who can ? Give Robert a PM and i am sure he and his wife will advise .they have been using them for some time and Bobs a big fella.


1st June 2012, 13:01
Hi Petal and you Pete,
Petal I have sent you a private message about the love swings Oh! sorry I mean the ceiling hoists.

Warmest Regards Bob

1st June 2012, 16:33
Thanks Pete for replying and Bob have hopefully replied to your message ,but computers scare me


30th July 2012, 10:26
Hello, with the ceiling hoist what I do is roll the patient onto their side, then slide the sling underneath, then roll them back onto it. It's made of slippy material so you can then adjust it a bit more by pushing and pulling it underneath them. It's important to make sure the head is supported. I do the hoisting slowly, bit by bit. I was scared the first time but it's really not so bad, don't worry.

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